Yes, no...does this sound psychedelic to you

There is a place for this track if it sounds psychedelic. It might be just about getting high?

Round and round

Once again I’ve escaped reality feel it travel quickly take control of me
Won’t take long there’s so much more I want to see
Nothing bad can touch me now I’m floating free

Round and round and round and round they go again. Beautiful shapes appear and colors blend slowly spinning hear inside my head.

Warm and special secret little hiding place visual extravaganza senses race
Left my cares and worries setting by the door Keep it going maybe I will do some more

Every day same ole way there’s comfort here Pain Is gone no anxiety I have no fear


Hey Paul
You sure you only wrote 120 songs? You seem to be churning them out at an incredible pace. Maybe you’re accelerating as you get older.
Love this song! Very kaleidoscope sixties. Beatles and the whole sixties Brit pop scene. What drugs did they give you in hospital? :face_with_thermometer:
But seriously: it really does sound good. If you had made a single out of that in 1966 it would have been an instant hit! A song that fists your voice really well. Maybe you could collaborate with someone good in weird and wonderful effects and keyboards to increase the flower power effect. Not me - I’m not much good in that department.

Hi… I had the backing tracks sitting around for a few years and didn’t know what I should do with them as far as a melody line and story. I haven’t had the urge to take any kinds of drugs, so I had to listen to others who had. Lots of stories I can’t repeat. ha ha
Along with the crunch chords, so wierd stuff should be in there like you said.
Someone i know wants this sort of stuff, so many I can pitch it. Who knows?
BTW I graduated from hs in 66.
As far as the hospital, they put me out with something starting with the letter “P”. The nurse said she enjoyed the rambling when I was coming out of it. She wouldn’t tell what I said. ha ha

This is really good, Paul! The transitions between the different feels and the harmonies are particularly impressive. Melodies are excellent. If you want to go for the full psychedelic vibe, throw in some rotary speaker fx on the vocals, some flanging across the whole mix at points, and definitely some Wah pedal on the guitars. Very cool!

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Hi Andy I always thought it was a bit crude until I started with the melody line and lyrics.

I just went for a walk and was trying to think of something to input that would work with this. Just like you I thought of the wah pedal. ha ha I will look up that rotary speaker thangy. I do have a flanger option on this processor. Thanks for the listen

Very cool, and sounds very analog and authentic.Got any weed ha ha

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Hi Alan No weed here, but we found some foot cream for my wife and it really does work. I did catch her licking the stirring spoon. ha ha I don’t know anything but analog :slight_smile: thanks for stopping by

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What did you record it on ?

Studio one. I don’t use midi, so I have to do it all. The drums are real and that is unusual because I usually just use what is in S1.

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This song is very entertaining to me. The first thing it reminded me of is The Beatles…, maybe something off my favourite Beatles album, Sergeant Peppers Lonely Heart’s Club Band.

I think you could make it sound more psychedelic with some Ray Manzarek (The Doors) keyboards or freaky organ (I’m thinking Jon Lord from Deep Purple). A sitar might help create that psychedelic vibe too.

The drug that the nurse gave you might have been Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms). :laughing: …Or maybe she slipped you some Peyote. You’re starting to write songs like a 1967 Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison. I’m gonna have to seek out some Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds so I can get me some of those trippy 60’s songwriting vibes in my tunes.

Fun stuff in this song !

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Hey there Mr W. fyi, I play lucy in the sky with diamonds most every day. It is part of a four song medely…also including imagine, yesterday and 8 days a week…ha ha all in A or D…it works

They used Propofol to put me to sleep. I was ready to go home within a half hour. Said I had to let my wife drive. No way in downtown Houston in rush hour.

Very funny response. Made my night more than the super bowl for sure. take care

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Definitely sounds like something between Sgt Peppers and the White Album, maybe Magical Mystery Tour, Paul! The verse melody reminds me of Mr Kite, descending like it does; however, that’s where the similarity ends and you manage to take it in your own swirly direction.

It is a delightful song to listen to on headphones, and in my very humble opinion a worthy topic that manages to avoid being just another love song.