Yellow, by Coldplay - Cover by Clarissa

“Yellow” is a song by the British rock band Coldplay. The band wrote the song for their debut album, Parachutes (2000). The song was recorded in March 2000 and released on 26 June 2000. It was Coldplay’s breakthrough hit internationally. “Yellow” has since been covered by various recording artists worldwide, and remains one of the band’s most popular songs.

Clarissa’s acoustic version recorded in RVA Recording Studio, Oct 2022.

This song is dedicated to Clarissa’s friends and love ones!
Hope, Peace and Love to all suffering peoples of the world!!!

Feedback much appreciated.


Oh yeah great stuff and the harmony kicks butt to the n’th. She is gaining confidence :slight_smile:

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Hi Paul,
Lovely feedback!!!
Clarissa is re-gaining her singing voice and vibe, as she is using her chords with each song we try to cover.
She is also doing some back-up singing for her brother with “SendaiEra”, a hiphop duo from Seattle WA.
Love your comments!!! Especially the harmony to the n’th power!!!

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Ooh there are some magical moments here. Clarissa’s voice is a sweet delight and at times the harmonies caught sharply at my heart, in a lovely way.
The guitar is a tasteful accompaniment and I was dying to know microphone placements.

In ‘bash’ terms, I made a few notes while I was listening but please take them with a grain of salt. First and foremost I am a singer, so always tend to focus on voice stuff. For me, it felt as though Clarissa was a little hesitant at the beginning. From about 2 minutes in, her voice laid a real claim to the song, up until then I sensed a shyness maybe? Around 2’50" I found I had goosebumps from the magical synergy between your two voices. It was as though the song had been claimed then and was yours at that point. The melodic ripples in her vocal are gorgeous and not overdone, which can be a temptation for some. They flow like silver threads.

So It is a beautiful rendition, really enjoyed listening - several times actually.

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Thank you so much, Emma!!!
Your wonderful and honest comments are all loved and embraced close to our hearts!!!
I am using 2 microphones, and my guitar is not hooked up electronically.
This is an unplugged recording.

The 2 mics are positioned, just out of camera view.
Shure SM58 is right below the camera view, about waist-high (Clarissa’s waist), and about 12 inches away from her.
Ear Trumpet Labs “Edwina” is right above Clarissa’s forehead, and about 10 inches away from her.
This mic positions are normally designed for me and my guitar, as a solo guitar+vocal recording.
I am so surprised how well the 2 mics are picking up both vocals and guitar.
And to think that my guitar is behind Clarissa, which places my guitar about 3.5 feet away from the SM58.
Again, thank you!!!


I’ve always liked this song, Rene, and Clarissa is such a good singer, has a great presence. Of course, your guitar is so worthy of accompanying her.

But I must admit how great a recording you get from 2 mics in the room! For what you are producing I would not rock the boat on your setup. I imagine even tiny changes could disrupt this perfect capturing of your playing and singing. I always deal with bad background noises from my non-studio environment, breathing, chair squeaking etc, and that is 80% of the work before it’s over.

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Hi steban,
Thanks for the great feedback.
I always have a small squeak from my stool every time I try to stop my recording.
I will have to put a small amount of lubricating oil to my stool.
Love the compliments on Clarissa’s singing, and my guitar.
I think, I just lucked out on my mic placements and result, and will not mess with it.
Love this Steve!!!

Another great one! I’m actually surprised that the acoustic didn’t have any issues. You were moving/dancing a bit on this one and I expected volume drops, etc. Stayed constant, at least from what I could hear here :slight_smile:
Great harmonies too. Keep up the good work!

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Great stuff guys!
Love Clarissa’s voice and her timing of the melody. I got goosebumps just from the way she sings the word “yellow”.
Your accompainament alo compliments her perfectly!
Thanks for sharing!

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Hi holster,
Love the feedback on the recording and solid volume and mic pick-up!
Thanks for the wonderful comments on the harmonies!!!

Hi ManAbyss,
You are so awesome, and your compliments are so loved!!!
I want to feel goosebumps, a really good thing!!!
Thank you so much!!!
Rene and Clarissa

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