Yay...one of my new project's getting good reviews! Check it out!

This just got released last month!! I did some of the dialogue recording, and Natalie voiced a supporting character! :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to get this sucker into my portfolio!! I need to go buy a damn playstation just so I can try it out.

I’m so so so happy that many of the comments (even the replies to the person reviewing it) acknowledge the emotional impact of the game. Thats the exact same quality that made playing games like Life Is Strange so memorable. Almost as if it wasn’t something you saw, or merely a game you played, but something you feel like you actually lived.

I would LOVE to see this game go up for some big awards, and am totally honored to have participated in what some people are saying is the first and one of the best projects in its genre!


I love the graphics in this game !


Congrats! The game looks really cool. I’m not planning to get into VR anytime soon, or else I’d definitely try it.

That’s awesome!! Nice one.It’s always good when people see and acknowledge the vision you hold. It’s always reassuring to get that external feedback as we often live in our own creations it’s hard to distinguish!

Nice! And it looks like no people or creatures were harmed/maimed/killed in the making - or playing - of the game … that’s very refreshing. :wink:

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“No spirits, deities, or electro plasma etherial entities were harmed during the making of this game”

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Nice, Jonathan. Congrats, man!