Yay. Officially a college student again :)

Yay. Officially a college student again :)

So after a good two years of struggling to learn audio and programming on my own, I finally bit the bullet and applied to Columbia for the only accredited immersive sound design curriculum in the country I could find. Training resources on immersive sound are incredibly scarce on the internet. Called my stock broker and had him dump the tuition and mail me a check, so I’ll be able to get through this with zero debt, and I already own the studio gear I need for curriculum. Classes start in 3 weeks :slight_smile:

Its PT HD focused of course, but for the non-audio students (most of which I was told are professional devs and artists), they provide the class projects in Reaper format. Its pretty exciting. I looked at the syllabus ahead of time and I know very little of the audio related topics covered. Should be a lot of fun. My main goal by the end of the curriculum is to have a portfolio that can get me my first jobs in immersive sound. I have credits on some VR projects, but only for recording voiceover and music. I had nothing to do with the actual programming, testing, or deployment of the audio into the video games and apps.

I had to make the a conscious decision to really back off of music and stop working with bands. I won’t leave music completely, but from here on out, my goal is to only take music projects when they are directly related to an immersive audio project. Its all online. I’ll continue to work with my broadcast audio clients until then to keep the bills paid - the entire curriculum only requires that I be on campus one week out of each semester. Classes start the 3rd week of April :slight_smile:



Sounds VERY cool,

But, if it was me I would 100% be going after filmscoring or music for video gaming with your background. I can ‘barely’ play an instrument compared to your keyboard skills, tbh. I would’ve been straight into Spitfire’s latest product and start getting creative… :wink:

Programming is REALLY hard to perfect, I have a load of (almost done) projects I still need help with.

Anyway, best of luck with it.

And let us know how it goes.



I’m sure we’ll all be interested in hearing about your progress. So is it like a 4-year degree or something? Or is it more of a “certificate” based thing? Just curious how long the program takes and what all is involved in something like that. It sounds very ‘cutting edge’.

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Yes, what Stan said. Inquiring minds want to know!



Maybe this one?

Kudos for your studies, Jonathan.



Yup. Just a cert. Six months.

That’s it! :slight_smile: That particular class just focuses on the VR aspects of immersive audio. The other 4 months are spent working with software code, the UI, the design documentation, and the deployment specifically for VR. If I need to, after I get done with this one, Berklee has a one-off class in Wwise that I might go into, but after this I’m planning on making a full-steam (no pun intended) run at doing audio in this field.

In the meantime, here’s some crazy student projects some kids put together at full sail :slight_smile: They have a pretty developed VR program - they offer very little sound and audio training for it though. Berklee in Boston has a huge game audio program, but not a single class specifically for VR audio.

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Best of luck in your studies and congratulations.



Good luck @Jonathan, sounds like fun :slight_smile:



Sounds like heaps of fun, enjoy…