Yamaha EAD10

Yamaha EAD10


I got to check this out in person yesterday and this thing is killer! Honestly, for beginner/intermediate recording at home, and has a decent drum kit, this is a fantastic way to go! I would suggest it’s an awesome way to go for a live setup even.
I was far more impressed than I ever expected to be.
Where I really see this shining is for those creating instructional videos on YouTube etc.


The app and recording feature tells me that it’s really geared towards drummers who want to make videos of themselves playing the drums. I think that for what it is, the sound is good, but that it’s not really comparable to putting regular mics on the drum kit like they demo’d. Looks like a lot of fun for practicing though. And I liked what he said, something about, “this effect makes me want to play this groove,” sort of like how using different instruments/effects can inspired you to write something new.


Definitely geared for the video crowd as you mentioned, but I was rather surprised at the quality in person. Video doesn’t really do it justice. For a simple setup, it’s a lot more valid than I expected. It’s something that I can see developing over the next several years for sure. It’s not “perfect” yet, but certainly impressive.