Y'all ready for a mix contest?

Y'all ready for a mix contest?


Looking at setting up a mix contest this weekend. Should be fun! We’ll be doing the next round of the covers contest soon too, so get ready for that!


The Fever contest isn’t even done yet - or did I miss something? :grin:


Nope, you missed nothing, it’s just our fearless leader getting out front of the next thang. He’s crafty like that. :wink:


I am excited, anxious, and nervous. lol


I am also ready.


You can expect this contest to kick off on August 26th or 27th.


Well, my first contest was a blast, and I learned a little more even if I don’t win, so I’m up for another!

Mixing is art and science and ear, not all can be learned, but improvement is possible.


@BigAlRocks is working on the announcement as we speak :wink: