Yaaaaay! Used a Tom-Lord Alge trick to make ProTools stock plugins mimic Pultec Saturation! :D

Here’s a little trick any PT guys out there can play with to WARM up just about ANYTHING.

I’m on day 2 of getting acquainted with stock plugins.

So my big fail last night in trying to mix with stock PT plugins had to do with not knowing how to get a good distortion on an aux bus. So I started experimenting this morning trying some stuff that Tom Lord Alge mentioned at NAMM in one of his seminars. He showed he was using the Avid Lo-Fi to compensate for not having SSL drive in some places. Yay! Right? I tried it. Sounded like shit.

So I went to the Avid Sans-Amp (which is also a stock PT plugin) thinking I could dial it in to sound like console drive. Nope. The limitations in the EQ curves in the Sans-Amp just won’t work. Its good for distorting other things, but not good at emulating console drive.

Here’s what I figured out…gain compensation, EQ curve -> Then into the Lo-Fi. It’s not spot on, but its the sound I was looking for. Here’s the settings and some clips. This is my 9-foot Baldwin Concert grand (model D) tracked with Earthworks mics into Yamaha preamps.

note: This saturation chain is sitting on a parallel bus

The raw piano

With exaggerated distortion from the SoundToys pultec

With exaggerated distortion (gain matched) using stock PT plugins

Not bad eh?

Here’s the settings!


Low fi is good for taking the edge of things .Only need 1-2 saturation .A bit of the distortion can wake snares and kicks up too ,again not much needed as a little goes a long way with low fi

1-2 was too heavy. I found anything above .8 became audible in the wet/dry blend and started to defeat the purpose…that was for me though…I wouldn’t doubt if there’s some people that are using 1-2 on that lo-fi