Yaaaaay! New Pro Tools released! Check out the new features! :D

Dude! Check it out! Cumulative EQ! Somewhat similar to how Izotope is starting to do theirs. So if 2 EQ’s are used at different places in the chain, the display curve on the channel strip will show the combined effects of all equalizer moves! :smiley:

Finally finally finally! We have track presets. Most other daws have this, so you may be rolling your eyes if you’re a Cubase or Reaper user, but you used to have to import tracks from previous sessions. That means if I have a reverb chain I really like and want it on a bus send, I have 3 options: To create it from scratch, to pre-load it in a template, or else you have to go back to a previous session, try and remember where you used it last, import the entire channel strip from that previous session. Now you can save, recall, and be done with it. I also like that the avid implementation of this features lets you pick and choose which parts of the preset you do or don’t want to recall.

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