Xmas spoiled brat song

My grandkids say they are blessed. I say spoiled rotten. I wrote this little tune for them.


I love that. The second verse kinda loses the Christmas vibe though. I understand the message, is it directed to one of them in particular?

One thing I really like in your productions is your performance: it has a particular behavior, bluesy, very distincable (?).

Nice job to me despite I found the drums a bit off and mechanical!

Hi I just rant about them all having everything given to them. I drove my granddaughter to school one day and as we arrived she paused as she looked back at me and said “what gramps, no rant today?” Great kids, I just stay on them about everything. I don’t ever plan my lyrics to be logical. First off, I am not that smart. Secondly, I am usually tired of the song by then and want to start something new. ha ha


Hi guy. I don’t like being predictable, but thanks for the positives. My grandkids tell me my songs all sound the same. ha ha I gave up on trying to sound modern a few years back. and yes, the drums don’t even have to be in there. Thanks