Xmas Plugin Freebies / Deals

4 1-Knobber plugins:

Acustica Audio NEW Channel Strip:

Other Acustica FREEBIES (not new):

Melda Xmas sale - 50% off everything*:

*If you’re new to Melda, you can use my referral code for another 20% (MELDA2490257)

Check out this video. The “MB” after the plugin name means “multi-band”, and this functionality is built into every plugin with “MB” on the end of the name. Cool stuff!


Free Month at Production Expert:

Native Instruments always has a holiday freebie:


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Free AAS Session Bundle (3 Instruments) with purchase.


Thanks for the links! Just FYI, that company is “Acustica” from what I see, which is different than Acoustica which is the company that makes Mixcraft and other software. It fooled me for a moment. That Ciel plugin does look interesting though.

So it is! Funny, I’ve never put that together before. I haven’t installed Ciel yet, but it does look interesting.

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