Xmas blind , mix

Rock mix

Here we go… #4… expectations are high :slight_smile:

Loving your guitar sound and cool inclusion of the organ! That organ in the second verse is sooooooo good! Really makes it.
Gotta say it again though, the drums could use a little more automation and snap/grit for lack of a better term. The kick has real power but lacks attack. The toms are great and not boomy, but maybe even they could use a bit more attack so that dum dum - dum dum before the chorus knocks us off our chairs. You’re skating on the edge of a good mix and a great mix here. The parts are there, the song is great and the overall sounds are there too, but the song feels flat in regards to dynamics. The song has space, pushes and pulls in regards to composition and structure, but the mix may need more automation to really punch and then retreat.
Curiously, did you just have the one overhead on the drums. I threw your song on again on headphones and found that the drums seem almost all up the middle. In fact I only noticed the toms being slightly panned. That’s fine (I don’t pan my drums much either) but I wondered if having the OHs panned a little more might open it up a little also.

Again, loving your songs. This one reminds me a bit of The Who, probably in vocal stylings. Nice one once more!

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