WVH - the beacon of DIAY Musicians!

WVH - the beacon of DIAY Musicians!

This dude is cool - King of DIAY (Do it ALL yourself) Musos - Be sure to watch the video all the way to the end for a good chuckle :smile:


Excellent video! I haven’t seen this one before, though I’m very familiar with Wolfgang Van Halen, since I’m a huge Van Halen fan (the Roth years - No Van Hagar, please ! :face_vomiting:)

Wolfgang is a chip off the old block. Talented guy. I’ve heard some of his other music and everything I’ve heard sounds really quite good to my ears.

Entertaining and cool video!


Wow, that’s awesome! As a huge EVH fan, this rocks my world. I knew the guy was very talented (genetics count for a lot), but he really tagged a lot of bases here. Good to see him push on after the loss of his multi-talented pappy.

I’m one of those who liked both. I was a huge Sammy fan before Van Hagar, so it was almost a match made in heaven in some ways. Though the Roth years were certainly the classic ones for me too.

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