Words and Chords

This idea came to me that there are collaborations and collaborations. Some involve playing together, and that is what most people think of as a collaboration. But I just watched Rocketman, and I got to thinking about songwriting collabs.

Especially words and chord progressions. Most people are really much better at one over the other, and that is certainly true here. Sure, we have a lot of one man bands, myself included, and I like to think I manage to be a better wordsmith but can manage a decent tune many times. But I also feel as if I fall into a rut fairly often, and I feel as if I’m repeating myself.

So I think songs first need words and some chords, and that leads to melody and arrangement. With that in mind, I am encouraging people to share some words, or maybe a chord progression (Am C F G) even without any music, or with if easier, and let’s see whether anybody is inspired to put them together.

My first lyrics are another pandemic song. I have this notion that the world would appreciate music that deals with this common life altering experience.

The rules are nothing is set in stone here- words can be changed or rearranged if you want to use them. So can the chords. It is the epiphany we are seeking, not the adherence to some preconceived idea.

See You Smile by Steve Bancroft

I wish that I could see you smile
Or maybe even talk a while
But I can’t speak and you can’t stay
There’s too much you must do today

I never thought I’d be so scared
I’m left alone in my bed
Like all the others in this room
Trying to ignore the doom and gloom

It hurts to breathe, much less to speak
And never have I felt so weak
We’re strangers in a dangerous crowd
Where no loved ones are allowed

I wish that I could see you smile
Or maybe even talk a while
To be separated may seem outrageous
But I know that I am too contagious

And though we might speak on the phone
My energy is so low
And any time I might be intubated
Or in the ozones heavily sedated

I wish that I could see you smile
The way it used to be
Face to face and shaking hands
And hugs given generously

And of all the problems in the world
And there were many I did foresee
I never thought I’d lose the pleasure
Of your simple company

We’re looking like banditos
Or doctors prepped for surgery
Hoping we find Fritos
At the grocery

The world has changed
And may never be the same
And though it may take a while
I’ll be happy on the day I can see you smile