Woohoo! Recording Gibson > Marshall with Eric Valentine!

Another excellent video with some ear-opening comparisons here:


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I’ve been learning a lot by watching him. Particularly the way the tones are developed after they leave the amp. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately experimenting with guitar tone on the tracking end. He really does pushes upper mids way more than I’ve been. I think in trying to avoid them being overly brittle, I should try just letting them breathe a little more in the 1-6K range. Really chunky guitar there too. Love a good LP.

Yeah, Eric certainly isn’t shy of using EQ, that’s for sure!

The mic robot demo was great. He went across a spot where I said to myself “perfect” and then he kept going!..we all have different taste.

Actually, I find guitar tones are a very satisfying playground for creativity in a mix.

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we really do to which is what makes making music so fun.

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