Wireless headphones?

I keep stepping on my headphones while recording and damaging the wire. I see they have wireless headphones, does anyone use them and is there a brand you recommend?


I was once given domestic Bluetooth headphones to monitor myself during a band practice. The latency was disastrously long and they were completely unusable.

I don’t know if any company has fixed that issue or come up with an alternative, but I’m guessing that it is the main reason we don’t see them in studios everywhere.

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I think you are completely right. Thank you for the feedback. I have to just find a way to not step on the cord constantly.

FWIW, I have the same issue at times. Cords are a real pest in the heat of the moment…

One little thing that helps: Most of my tracking cans have plugs on both ends, so they just unplug from the actual headphone instead of causing other gear to come crashing down on me while still attached at the 1/4 inch end.

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I wish they had those retracting reels, like compressor hoses have that go back into the reel if you let go of it.

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