WIP - bash for fun!

Ok this is a version with everything replaced but the vocals. I did change the guitar arrangements a bit, but I don’t think it changes the overall vibe. It’s a work in progress and there’s still plenty left to do:

  • melodic guitar part hasn’t been recorded yet… still working out what I wanna play
  • vocal balance/automation/fx tweaking/fx automation
  • guitars need some love and a bit of editing
  • overall balance of stuff

Note: I’m not going to use this as an actual entry… this is just for fun. Got a new guitar the other day so I wanted to get it on some tracks. I’d rather enter one with the original tracks, which I’ll get to!

Anyhoo, bash away!

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I like where you’re going with this. Glad you had fun with it.

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Ok, this is arrangement stuff, but I will point out the completely obvious, just in case its not …

The 3 verse components (bass, guitar & vocal) all utilize the exact same four notes and phrasing. Delete or re-arrange at least 2 out of 3.

The harmony vocal in the chorus should actually be where the lead vocal melody is. The SONG will be better with them reversed.

…good work so far


nicely done. wow that would have taken some time. by the way i like the way you have treated these vocals.


Sounding good man! I’m really liking the guitar tone on my earbuds. You also did a good job of creating interest in the mix. :beerbanger: