Winter Wonderland, 1934

Winter Wonderland, Music by Felix Bernard, Words by Dick Smith.
Composed in 1934, and originally sang by Richard Himber.
The song is about a couple’s romance during the winter season.

December is always a joyous occasion with lots of music and food, and lights, and parols, and more food!!! I also always associate this occasion with cold weather and white snow.
I remember Mama would bring out grapes and apples on the midnight of the 24th, which is a very special treat for all of us.

Merry Christmas to one and all!!!

Feedback is much appreciated.


loved the intro chords…tough ones too…guitar sounds awesome
I can hear some strange crackling on the left I am getting all the vox on the left??
I was worrying not seeing you for a while that “here to stay is the new bird” had maybe flown the coop
You vocal is right on , but only in my left ear is not workin for me at the moment…might be my set up…having some puter problems here

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Hi @feaker ,
Thanks for the listen.
This recording is from a year ago, which I have not published, and the recording discrepancy is now behind me.
Love your wonderful comments, and great feedback!!!
You are always so appreciated, my friend!!!
Stay well, and keep healthy!

this is wonderful! Thanks

There are plugins that can center the mix and remove crackles and such. Though the crackles can be masked by a fire crackling :slight_smile:
If you dont mind, I can attempt to center this for some post processing practice.

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Hi Michelle,
Thank you for your wonderful feedback, and huge compliment, coming from you!
Thank you for offering to fix, and center the mix.
Practice for you, and recording mastering for me.
Pls try to fix this mix!
I am so grateful for your assistance.
With love and respect,

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I am on it :slight_smile: have some time today so will see where I get with this.

@ReneAsologuitar here is a quick workaround on this…I centered the mix, added some compression, and added a crackling fire to the mix (might as well own the crackle on the original recording :innocent: ).

Picture it with a fire and it all works. I think you should work on more like this (hopefully centered haha). Merry Christmas to you and your family

with crackling fire:

without crackling fire but the cracks and pops reduced a bit:

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Hi Michelle,
I love what your did on both versions.
The center ac tin is well done!!!
The fire crackling sound is very cool, and the picture with the fire place really complete the scene.
Superb job!!!
Thank you so much, @FluteCafe !!!

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thanks and I thought the singing was very nostalgic. Keep em comin!
This was a quick rough draft, if you do like it, I will tweak some finer things in the reverb and send you a copy of the final version.

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