Will You Choose

Will You Choose is born as a Collaboration Project from Danny aka “Theforgotten toy box” aka “danthecoat”.
His idea came in as a chord progression, and some melody lines.
His graciousness and generosity allowed me free reins on any direction I need to go in terms of lyrics and melody.

The tune inspired me to write about our choices in life, and the possibilities we gain.

This song is dedicated to all suffering peoples of our world, especially the dying and the sick. Peace, hope, and consolation fill your hearts and mind.


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Really nice. Are you going to flesh this out into a full blown studio recording?

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Hi Big Al!
Thanks for the nice words.
When I started recording covers and originals, late 2019, I decided to keep a brand, and a brand that is very true to myself. Bare acoustic guitar and vocals.
My focus is to be able to record as many original compositions that I can.
This focus consumes a lot of my time, and if I get sidetracked, then I can really be in circles.
Short answer to your question, I am sticking to my initial path, and no full blown studio recording for me, at this time.
Of course, things can change, especially if I meet people that has the the same interests that I have, and wanted to try this route.
Love your question, and thank you for the engagement!

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If you change your mind and decide to put this one thru a “real” studio recording, I’d be interested in contributing the bass guitar.

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Hi Big Al,
Thanks for your generosity.
For my education, and probably for the forum members as well;

  • how is the process of “real” studio recording?
  • is this a remote recording situation?

My idea of “real” studio recording is: (my future projects)

  • from my current recordings, one track (voice + guitar),
  • planning on using a DAW and adding individual tracks at a time, like another guitar, then another track cajon/drum, maybe another track for vocal harmony, and so on.

I am just trying to keep it very simple, for me.

Thanks for this discussion.

For most of us around here, we have our preferred DAW. When we collaborate, we typically record to a click and a guide track and export our contributions as mono tracks, and export them as WAV files at a predetermined specifications, such as 44.1kHz, 24-bit.

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Hi Big Al,

Great to know.
Now, I know you are really back - excellent info.

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