Will Smith's home studio

Must be nice to have this in your third/fouth/fifth living room.

…is that ‘men in black’ on the picture in the back??? lol haha!!!

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Was there a tracking room with a window? That’s what makes it official. The paneling is nice, looks like he sits in the middle of a folded horn.

All that money and all that coolness but not wireless computer keyboard. WTF???

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That looks like it’s the mouse cord rather than the keyboard cord, but same deal: WTF??? I wouldn’t use a wired mouse unless it was an emergency… and I sure wouldn’t take a photo of my rig with one connected!

All I could think is that: 1) he’s got NS10s and 2) he’s got Auratones and 3) he’s got beastly soffit-mounted 3-way-wtf wonkin’ speakers. did he know what he wanted or did somebody tell him “this is what you need to mix your own tunes”?

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With those Augspurgers, the ideas is it doesn’t matter where in the room you are, the sweet spot is pretty much everywhere.

There’s no way Will Smith, or anyone in his family is going to spend the time learning to run their DAW. These guys want to record a track, they start calling numbers down the list and bring an engineer into their house. Same thing with Michael Jordan, Chris Webber, and Kobe Bryant. I’m pretty sure they’re not recording themselves. (I don’t know why in gods name Michael Jordan has a recording studio in his house).

Rich dude needs a tax deduction. :rolling_eyes:

Because he’ Michael Effing Jordon – you are close enough to the Tar Heel state to know he earned the ability to do anything and be awesome. I’m sure he’s a better mixer than me… because he’s Michael Effing Jordon :beerbang:

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