Will I be seeing any of you at NAMM in a couple weeks?

Will I be seeing any of you at NAMM in a couple weeks?

Just curious :wink: Studio closed the last week of June. Looking forward to sitting in on some interesting workshops and seminars! It appears the Nashville NAMM one has the important stuff in meeting/conference rooms in a different section of the building than all the noise. But regardless, I’ve given the group going with me full warning about the noise pollution in the showroom areas!

I think the summer NAMM is dramatically lower key, so it should be a lot less noise pollution :wink:

I’d love to hear a report of what you think of Summer NAMM! I’d love to go one of these years if it is worth it. Plus it gives me a reason to check out Nashville!

@bozmillar, do you go to summer NAMM, or just winter?

Just winter. 1 NAMM a years is about as much as I can handle. Ideally it would be one every other year.

@bozmillar, as a vendor do you find the ROI for NAMM to be worthwhile? I’ve heard mixed reviews

I’ve seen almost no significant ROI on anything I’ve done when it comes to the sales/marketing side. My biggest ROI comes from making new plugins, and putting plugins on sale. Everything else has had such an insignificant impact, it makes me wonder why I do any of it.

I’ve noticed no measurable benefit from going to NAMM, but it does help at least on a confidence level to see that my stuff is being used all over the place.

I’m not really a networking type of guy though. Most of the contacts I made and ideas that people want to do, my response ends up being “I’d love to do that, but I just don’t have time to take on more stuff.”

It’s been very rare that teaming up with someone has resulted in less work for me.

I’m mainly going for the workshops on social media marketing, sales training, web design, accounting, and employee management.

Booked the hotels last night. Super 8…splitting rooms with 4 other guys…comes out to about $38 pr night. Seven hour drive…maybe $25 each in gas money.

The only reason I’m even bothering is because I’m certain that the seminars are in conference halls that are segregated from the showroom. If it was gonna be screaming loud amps and marching bands all over the entire venue, I’d pass too.

I doubt it’ll be even close to that at the Nashville one. It’s much smaller and you’ll likely have a great time. You still should catch the winter one some time though just to say you did. Lol

This is so true! There are almost no trade shows that make vendors money. They make the show company money IF they are smart.

The best trade show experiences I’ve had are when I go to purposely not sell anything. I go to make an impression. The most memorable one was when I went to a guitar show and put out a big banner that said “JOBS FOR MUSICIANS” We were the busiest booth at the show:)

I think my ears are still ringing from winter NAMM.

You went? We need to coordinate a bunch of us for next year! It’d be fun to have an IRD NAMM gettogether

I did! Was my first. Already planning next year’s trip as well… would be super cool to meet with folks!

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I’m in.

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