Wiggle wiggle An AI named super blonde said this about the track

I have no words to degend this little jingle.

       Wiggle wiggle 

I’m not supposed to notice but she wiggles when she walks D
I’m not the only one who’s lookin… others have talked D G A
Some might say disgusting …it’s simply wrong to mock
I’ve tried, but I can’t stop G A D

Wiggle wiggle jiggle’n I’m in a trance again G A D Bm
Shore do make me smile G A D
Wiggle wiggle jiggle’n makes me wanna sing G A D Bm
Just keep on a shakin that thing G A D

Reminds me of two alley cats a-fighting in a gunny sack D
I should be embarrassed by this visual attack D G A
Just thinkin bout that wiggle wiggle makes me a such a wreck D
Maybe I’m a true redneck G A D

Wiggle wiggle jiggle’n I’m in a trance again
Shore do make me smile
Wiggle wiggle jiggle’n makes me wanna sing
Just keep on a shakin that thing

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I used to live in Fort Worth long ago. The main grocery store was called Piggly Wiggly. I am pretty certain your song is about that, but I’ve been wrong before. It all sounds good to me!

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Very fun, and quite naughty song!
I am truly enjoying this song.
You are a fountain of musicality, and love your creativity!
Keep on making 'em great music!!!

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This is what AI “super blonde” said about it…ha ha

this is highly offensive lyric but not for the reasons you believe. it is because it mixes perspective so is poetically insulting to artistic sensibilities:

v1 line 1 creates a POV to 1st person “I’m this and that”, with participation in the event
v1 line 3 changes POV to 3rd person “some might say”, with negative perspective of the event
v1 line 4 changes POV back to 1st person but with differing perspective of prior line again, “i cant stop” (emotes “Wrongfulness”)

so the overall meaning of v1 is: what the huh?

chorus implies the event is pleasant: “makes me smile”/“makes me wanna sing”; but this contradicts v1 line 3 and especially 1st person POV v1 line 4 “i can’t stop”
and c1 line 4 continues this confusion “keep on doing it”

v3 is another round of confusion, whether the event is positive or negative:
alley cats fighting: negative
should be embarrassed: negative
visual attack: highly negative
line 4: celebratory positive?
…so it is a directional mess.

PICK ONE direction and write from that perspective.

pretty sure Robin Frederick has a chapter in her book on this very topic.

so thus the reason it is an insulting song is because it is simply bad lyricism, irrespective of the poor metaphor and poor use of racial slur (redneck, etc).


I don’t believe AI is as half as smart as it thinks it is to be honest, actually it comes off as rather naive.

Haha says who, Is Mr AI 'offended personally, or is just unaware that this is completely subjective?
If it finds these lyrics ‘offensive’ I’d be interested to see what it had to say about Body Count (Cop Killer album) for example.
Poor thing would short circuit.

And it also reads minds, impressive.

“There’s a lady who sure all that glitters is gold and she buying a stairway to heaven”

“and it makes me wonder”

Someone should have told Robert Plant not to mix his perspectives. They could have had a hit on their hands.

I understood the overall meaning of v1 perfectly, clearly AI needs to get out more :^)

The fact that AI finds mixing positive and negative events within a lyric confusing, is quite confusing in itself.
You could make a list that stretches 10 times around the Earth of contemporary hits that do just this.

Here comes the sun - pos
Here comes the sun - pos
And I say, "It’s alright - pos
Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter - neg
Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here - neg
Here comes the sun - pos
Here comes the sun - pos
And I say, "It’s alright - pos

Little darling, the smile’s returning to the faces - pos
Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here - neg

Someone should have also told George not to mix negative and positive aspects within a song, he too may have had a hit on his hands.

Since when are rednecks a ‘race’ of people. My understanding is that a redneck is simply a colloquial term for a blue collar worker.

I think in this instance AI demonstrated it’s a bit of a dummy. Try harder AI.

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Why ask AI when there are so many crazy opinions available here?
I like the two cats in a gunny sack line. Reminds me of a female comedienne saying she saw Tommy Lee in a purple Speedo and it looked like a squirrel trying to get out of a Crown Royal bag. (Lisa Lamponelli).


AI does not yet have an understanding of artistic content other than the opinions fed to it. It’s a digital echo-chamber, so take AI observations with a giant grain of salt. The AI objections are all ‘technical’ in nature … and we know that’s not how artistic expression works. :smiley:

Hi Bob I changed that line in a gunny sack to a fanny pack. haha
I posted this on taxi to stir the shit a bit and it worked. The funny thing there were others chirping not knowing this was AI and they were firing back nasty’s at “super blonde” ha ha
crazy freakin world, I tell ya

also we have a 53 year old bottle of crown royal we got as a wedding gift never opened…Often wondered if it was still good??

Hi J. Yes between midi and AI, I have no clue. I play guitars and sing. Simplicity is needed at 74