Wicked's Fever (You Gave Me Herpes)

Wicked's Fever (You Gave Me Herpes)


Here’s my cover of “Herpes”…Uh, I mean “Fever”.

Do you know how much you hurt me?
Do you know how much I grieve?
When I put my lovin’ inside you
You ruined me with your dirty disease…

You gave me herpes
You kinda hurt me
You gave me herpes
You gimme the, gimme the, gimme the
You gave me STD’s

I always really wanted to get you
But now I only wanna forget
Cuz ever since I got you in bed, girl
I find that I’m full of regret


You gave me STD’s
You gave me your disease
You’re like a dog with fleas
And everyone agrees, …you give it away, you give it away

Guitar solo

You always told me you were a giver
You said that’s the way it should be
But how was I to know you’d deliver
an expedited HIV

Humma la zeebala, bobba la zeebala, humma la zeebala bop, Whoo!

You gimme, you gimme
You gimme, you gimme herpes
You gave me herpes

You gave me STD’s
You gave me your VD
You gave me HPV
It really hurts to pee
You gave me gonorrhea
And hepatitis C, uh
You gave me every sort
Of every anal wart

You gave me the clap
I’m never coming back

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That was fun! Thanks for sharing :smiley:


OMG is this awesome. I played this on my phone at early coffee and couldn’t wait to get home and put it on some speakers. My buddies questioned who I hang around with??ha ha
The sound is really good. If you are going to go overboard, you might as well do this up right.



This sounds really good on my iPad Pro.


Haha! Dude, that was awesome! I had no idea what to expect. Well worth the wait.

Clever lyrics. Loved your vocal. Excellent performances - on everything! I liked the key change during “you give it away…” that leads into the solo. Slick. Loved the solo and your guitar playing.The mix was well very balanced. The arrangement was spot on.

And where the heck did “Humma la zeebala, bobba la zeebala, humma la zeebala bop, Whoo!” come from?? It sounded like you were channeling Steven Tyler. My daughter in the other room asked what I was laughing at!

If I had to nit-pick something (other than you should practice safe sex!) is that the drum part started sounding “mechanical” after a while. But that was probably only noticeable because all the rest of the tracks were freakin’ good! Are you a session musician or something?

Thanks for sharing that!


I think I got that from David Lee Roth, although I could have gotten it from Steven Tyler also. I’m a big fan of both those singers and respective bands.

Glad you liked the tune, Miked. Nice to see someone else here with a terrible sense of humour, haha. Just kidding! :wink::smiley:

Thanks for the good review!


Thanks guys. I appreciate your feedback. :+1:



The lyrics to this song are an accurate summary of my true nature. :sob:
I just hope you don’t lose any friends because of me. :wink:


This is excellent, and pretty funny as well.
The guitars are well done, love the over the top out rock solo. The vocals not quite subtle (i.e. quite appropriate for the lyrics). I agree that the drums are a bit monotonous. The vocals are in your face, I think a little more ambience would maybe make them blend in a bit more. But I’m nit-picking.
Good luck!


This is totally awesome! Kinda like Weird Al doing Sweet crossed with Sparks. I LOL’d! :laughing:


Ha ha.
It was worth the wait after all! :slight_smile:

Not much to add that hasn’t already been mentioned.
Great guitar playing and sound.
I also envy your background vocals. Very well done. I’d really love some info on your work on them.
The only thing that could improve are the drums for me too.
Otherwise top job!


Yeah, the drums were the most obvious weak spot for me. I wanted to do a lot more tweaks and edits to them, but I ran out of time. I uploaded my entry for the contest within the very last 2 or 3 hours of the extended deadline. You might notice that the drums are more dynamic and interesting for the first half of the song and then they kind of become “less interesting”, or “no frills” sounding towards the latter portion. I usually play the drums myself on an electric kit. I used to use an acoustic kit. Just recently I started getting into working with drum samples and using midi drums. I’m still a newbie with that kind of work flow and the drum editing is slow and tedious.

Thanks Aef !

Yeah, I agree with both your comments. The drums are not really complete yet.
I only have a very slight bit of delay on the verse vocals…No effect on any of the chorus at all.
I wasn’t liking the delays and reverbs (Reaper plugins) that I tried so I went for a bare-bones approach. I plan on revisiting the song sometime in the next month to find a good reverb/ delay vocal effect. I was a bit annoyed at the thinness of the vocals in the verse, so I’ll try to bring out some of the thickness in my voice when I go back to add the effects.


Diamond Dave would be proud!


When I was recording the harmonies I kept thinking that it sounded like Sweet, but I didn’t know if others would hear it the same way as me. I love a lot Sweet songs. So maybe my influences are showing. There’s a few of their songs that I don’t like, but when they were at their best they were great.

Thanks for the comments Dave!

Thanks ManAbyss!

There’s really nothing special that I did to get the harmonies sounding like they do. I just make sure to sing in key, try to keep my dynamics steady and find a harmony that I think sounds good. I’m pretty big on harmonies. Sometimes I go way over the top. It’s really easy to get caught up on layering lower octaves, higher octaves, thirds, fourths and fifths, because it’s so damn fun!

First I recorded the melody
then I layered a lower octave, the low D-C-D, D-F-D, etc.,
then I recorded the fifth notes under the high melody,
then I recorded the third notes just above the high melody

On the second chorus I also recorded the HIGH fifth notes above the high melody. ( I only did that for the second chorus because I ran out of time, although I wanted to do that for the third chorus also).

Most if not all of my harmonies on the chorus are doubled. I manually double them (sing them twice) and pan them anywhere between 12% left - 12% right to 45% left - 45% right. If I pan the left side vocal to 25% I will pan the right side vocal to 25% so that the sound remains balanced.

For this song I used an AT4040, straight into my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 interface. Used a pop screen filter that was placed within 2 inches of the mic and I stood about 8 inches away from the pop screen. For the lower notes I stood about 4 inches away.

As far as the mixing goes…I had to mix it REALLY quickly because I didn’t have much time to finish up before the deadline. The background vocals took a lot longer than I was hoping because there’s so many of them and I kept forgetting my lyrics because they were just written ( I didn’t know them by heart). I had the basic idea for my lyrics back in May but there were a lot of additional twists that I added as the contest deadline approached.

I agree with you about the drums. They’re really not finished…Still have to complete them. :tired_face::beerbanger:


I only steal from the best. :grin:


That was very Weird Al in spirit, Wicked! Musicality and performance were top notch rock, and a comedy approach for me doesn’t require perfection to convey the idea.


Thanks Steban :beerbanger: