Why Wait-Personality (Rick B mix)

Just went for a solid simple mix with vibe and flavor…Peace, and Enjoy…

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Cleaned it up…

Nicely done. Good balance, drums are thumping, vocals are maybe a touch loud but that is a taste thing, and i like the ambience you have used. Really well done.

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Bashing as I listen:
I like the drums right off the start, solid and nice tones, that snare is how I like it for this song.
The mix overall sounds a tad too wet, like you’ve sent too much of all the instruments to a room/hall, I would have liked it a little bit dryer, during the chorus it kind of smudges things a bit too much IMHO, so it’s less punchy than it could have been.
The tones are good all over though, so the reverb thing is probably a taste thing. Although around 3:00 I find the lead guitar is lacking presence, I would have at least added more pre-delay on the verb on this to push it forward.
Just nitpicks overall. The mix is solid. Good job! :slight_smile:

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  1. My first comments will be about the introduction. The kick drum does a few punches, and it would have been good to turn these up a little, bringing the kick back down once the vocals come in. The guitar does a little riff thingy, also at the intro, and this could have been brought out a bit more, turning it back down once the vocals start. The vocals come in and sit perfectly in the mix relative to the other instruments.

  2. There are places in the middle of the song where the vocals stop and the bass & guitar don’t come forward to make up that volume gap. It is a good practice to always be asking the question, what will the listener’s attention be focused on during this part? If the attention is on the guitar & bass doing something cool, turn them up to sit at the same spot as the lead vocal. Bring them back down once the vocals start. There is a cool bass riff that happens at the vocal break areas, and it just remains at the same volume, I would turn the bass up a few dB during those cool bass riffs.

  3. Most of my suggestions are with volume automation. If I had worked on this mix, and was at the stage you are at right now, I would probably do a few passes & adjust the automation, making the above changes.

  4. I like the ambience.

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you might try gating your effects channels to tame the verb tails side chain them to the dry tracks on the vocal. This will allow you to dry the mix up some.

otherwise it is a good mix

Rick, good to see you here. I agree with the comments above, the kick does tend to take away from the mix. I found the room mics to be critical in creating the definition for the drums, but the low end needs to be rolled a bit to keep the mud on the low end from building up. I am not sure how you are processing those tracks, but that is what I found early on as an issue with my mix. Once the drums are less “roomy”, I hope that the rest of the mix falls into place as it is sounding quite good.

I liked it.
I don’t have anything to add in the comments abole, but what calls more the attention is really the ambience. For my taste I would leave it more intimate.
Great mixes to you.

Hi Rick B,
Nice mix overall.
It gives me a more mellow tone than the original. Not a bad thing just a bit different.
Maybe it’s the the ambiennce. I like it especially on the background vox.
I would prefer the snare 1-2 db lower and the electric gtrs 1-2 dbs higher.
Finally as Tim mentioned, a bit of automation would make the mix more alive and interesting.

Coherent mix, kick is maybe a bit too loud. Overall sound feels a bit too we to me. Bass is maybe too thin or too low in level.

Hey @RickB, nice mix. I like the space around the band. Yeah, the vocals are a little wet for me, but the balances are good. And similar comments: a little less kick and LV and I think you’d be in good shape. And more bass! (guitar.) :slight_smile: I think the bass is really important, especially in the verses.

Nice one!

If you have the chance, please listen and comment on my mix. I’ll put you in my Will! (Not really… And I’m poor anyway… :yum:)

Mike K Mix of Personality

Sounds bit muddy in the beginning to me. Nice snare. Reverb puts the vocal too far away. But solid mix.

Quite nice! Little bit hi-pass & lo-pass filter would enhance more! IMHO. :smile: :beers:

I feel like the kick and snare are overpowering. Other than that, it sounds like a solid mix.

Nice work !!! keep it simple !!!