Why Wait - Personality - Olli H

I tried to make a natural pop mix out of these multitracks. So I didn’t change the original sound ideas within these wellrecorded tracks. My main references came from Robbie Willams.

I used all original drum tracks + added some enhancement sample to kick and snare. But the main sound comes from the original tracks.

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Hmm i just noticed this mix. I am not sure why no one has commented on it, but it may be because it got bumped down the list.

Good mix going. I like the bass and guitar balance they work well. As far as the drums i think they are good but the snare is throwing me off for some reason. Too much rattle i think. The vocals are treated nicely as well. Well done. THanks for sharing.

Really nice mix Olli–to these primitive ears. :grin: I love the balances and contrast between sections. Nice growl from the bass… I go for a little more punch from my drums–but I’m a recovering drummer… Not much negative to say (and I personally find “negative commentary” more useful), except maybe that it sounds a little compressed for my taste. I try not to “maximize” my tracks too severely, unless the client insists. Do you watch your dynamic range numbers? I’m not a meter watcher, but that’s one of the few numbers I keep track of.

Anyway, great work! And thanks again for listening to and commenting on my mix. I took your suggestions (and others) and posted another mix (if you have nothing better to do with your time :grin:)

Mike K’s Mix 2 of Personality

Thanks for comments.

Yes I do watch dynamic meters. Also I have adjusted all the tracks in my reference library to the same integrated loudness of -16 LUFS. And when I mix I always try to be in same RMS levels with them, so that I won’t be fooled by loudness, hopefully. During the mixing I typically abide around -16-20 RMS.

So, normally when I mix I have plenty of headroom, but in some cases I add a bit heavier pseudo mastering before I send it. Personnally I prefer a mix with more dynamics, but for some reason in most of the competitions that I’ve followed the winners have been extremely loud, although quite often it has been said in rules that it’s not loudness competition. So in this case I just made a guess and decided to add some competetive loudness. But for example in currently active Hofa-competition I decided to send an unmastered version.

On the other hand, even if one is ”dynamic lover”, heavy homemade mastering is good test for the mix. It the mix is unbalanced, it cannot go through loudness war limiters without changing drastically. So ”loudness test” belongs to me to similar checking routines as for example ”mono test” and ”small speaker test”.

Its a nice mix with a nice bass, and I alsos like the overall vocal treatment.
I think the drums need more body, the top end is clear and present but they don’t hit with much weight which makes them get a bit drowned out during the chorus.
The other advice I would give is that the singer;s breathing can be very distracting and needs addressing in the mix.
Otherwise a nice mix, good work!

Thanks for comments.
Yoo may be just right about the body of durms, but my chosen pop references happened to have a bit lighter snare, so I went instinctly to that direction.

I tried to find your mix, for I always want give feedback to those who happen to comment my mix, but it’s about impossible to find other’s mixes in this forum, if they haven’t added their name to the title. Have you already sent your version?

The heavier pseudo mastering is what I mean. I find that a DR of 9 or 10 is a decent compromise between loudness and dynamics, depending on genre of course. My mix ended up at 9.

I’m still working on it, I’m not happy with it yet, I’ll probably throw it in the bash this mix tonight and make any final adjustemnets tomorrow, I’m running out of time! :frowning:

pretty nice sounding !
Maybe a thing, the bass is a bit thin for me, and there is maybe a bit too much lo mid on it.
Nice work btw !

tachin1: You’re waiting until you’re happy with it?! I’d never post if I did that… :wink:

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Ain’t that the truth!

Nice take on this mix levels are good. Here are a some things I’m hearing.

I like the vocal sound ,but some automation is need. This is something that takes some time ,but the vocalist needed a little help here. The breaths are way too loud(either automation or trim volume). I’m still struggling with drums ,but here is what I’m hearings. the snare needs a little body 200 range to it just a little too much room sound and not enough direct sound. After a few more listens maybe some bass, kic leveling along with some eq adjustment to them. For the bass maybe some mid cuts and a little more sub. The kic I might bring up a db or 2 just seems to distant After that Re-level the two… The guitars at .53 are dipping in volume might be some automation problem.

Just a few thing that might help tighten things up some.
Nice job!

other what has been said I think its a great mix and I will concur with jerze the breath and honks do come out a bit much I treat these much like manual de-essing just so they lay in the mix better top job !!.

Thanks for listening all. I agree, those breathing noises are annoying. They were brought up by last minute parallel compression. I should have fixed them.
With drums I deliberatly went for a bit thinner and distant sound. Maybe the grey retro person within me likes them more that way.

nice balance! i like your mix.
Good luck!