Why Wait - Personality - Mixed by Uya Cipriano

Here it is! Had a fun while mix among my job’s deadly deadline! :laughing:

Pretty nice stuff! Cheers for everyone! Good luck! :beers:

Feel free to give your opinion! :v:



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I like the approach you’ve taken with this one, it’s definitely unique among what I’ve been hearing. Everything is very sharp and oriented towards the “hi-fi” end of the spectrum. Somewhere along the way, though, you lost a little too much warmth and the mix now sounds a bit tinny. My suggestion would be to pull back on the bass guitar a tad, and allow the rest of your instruments some space to sit in the low end.


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This is a lot different approach than I took which is cool. I like the heaver drums and guitars sounds.

My option… I would have copied the vocal track distorted the hell out of it and then brought it underneath the main vocal track just for some nastiness I like the delay throw at 2:11 just not sure about the other ones?
The last things would to bring to pull the bass down some ,take the harmony parts out , let it rock

Interesting Ideas.
Nice job

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Thanks, mate! Nice suggestions! :beers:

Was thought about this before, but the way the vocalist sing hold me back and the lyrics isn’t that “rock”. IMHO.

Thanks for your appreciation, mate! :beers:

Right off the bat, the best thing about your mix is the vocal, its clear, its bold, the delays keep it interesting, nice!
The bass is very bold, however its taking up a lot of space that could be occupied by other instruments, and that gives the mix a scooped mids sound. I would recommend taming the bass and giving the guitars a boost at 100 hz, and another at 500 hz.
The highs are piercing to my ears, sounds like you are using a shelving eq when your mix would benefit from selective boosting of frequencies, for example boosting more than a few db above 2k to 4k on your snare will make it sound tinny, and on vocals boosting a few db at 2k 6k and 15k will give you most of the clarity you need (ymmv) .
Anyway, like I said, I really love the vocals and how you’re driving the mix with the bass, thanks for letting us listen!

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Thanks for the suggestion! Really appreciate that, mate! :beers:

I like the overall sound

VOx sounds excellent, but somehow it feels to me that snare is not supporting vox, whatever it means. Something with that snare sound makes me listen as if the snare is not properly in time. In that way it takes the focus away from the vox.

Bass is causing some sort low end humming.

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I think you put too much attention to the bass here rather than the melody. Plus too much delay Fx on the vocals.

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I like the use of delays on the vocals. I think that overall the mix is a little bright (thin, crisp) for me. I personally would like a little more mids back in the vocals and the rhythm guitars and i think that would do it. Thanks for sharing lots of good ideas in this mix.

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Nice power in the mix.
Strong bottom no big issues it took a second listen to get use to the power of the mix.
Nice vocal treatment.
I would of pushed the bass back a bit turn it down a db or so. I thinks the other instruments breath a bit.

Good job

Dood luck

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Very interesting mix! I like a lot of the sounds you have, though some seem to be taken to extremes. The snare reverb in the intro is cool, and fills the space giving interest to the beginning of the song, but then it seem to stay the same the rest of the song. I think you could have switched to a mono or thinner panning on the snare reverb for most of the song (after the intro). The snare is pretty prominent the whole song too, even superseding the vocals at times, so I think the snare level could have been automated more to get the effect you were going for.

Pretty good kick sound, though heavy on the click IMO. I think I’m hearing the click in the kick reverb too, which is where more of that sound may be coming from. If you have a lot of click in your kick sound, maybe low-pass your kick reverb so you’re not “overdosing” that part of the sound.

You have a lot of ‘click’ in the overheads, which was a challenge with these drums. I found that most of it could be removed, with effort. Add that to your kick click tone and it makes the mix “click-heavy”.

I really like what you did with the bass, but as mentioned already it seems your bass level is a bit overpowering.

Vocal effects are nicely done, and I’m curious what you did on the 2nd verse to give the ‘duet’ or doppleganger effect? Is that just delay layers? Or did you do something with a duplicate track? I think that’s a very nice touch, and that particular one does have some subtlety to it where I was really listening after I noticed it and am still trying to figure out what you did.