Why wait- Personality Mix- Jerze

Why wait- Personality Mix- Jerze


Hello all, RR refugee here. I tried to keep the mix simple and laid back. . .struggled with the drums so a lot of time went into them the snare was the biggest problem just never found something I liked. The vocal and guitars needed some work also which was manly editing, automation work.

Thanks for the listen and time!



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Interesting, like what you did there with the bass!


This one is lovely! Simple and nice! Well done! Cheers! :beers:


Agree - simple with lots of space. Enjoyed listening to this


This is one of the fullest mixes that I’ve come across on here so far! Nice and wide, with a full mid range (but not muddy :D). The only thing that I would like to hear from my first listen through is a little more crack on the snare - I think it sits a little too far underneath the rest of the band, IMHO.

Great mix!


Thanks for your time,I’m glad you liked it.


Sounds good to me. Balances just fine. You have nicely found many small details in your mix.

To me the snare tail dies too quickly. Snare is in small closet while other band is nice studio.

I like the vox sound.


Very nice mix man! the best I heard so far here. Hope to make mine better :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the kind words!.:
Are you putting up a mix?


Yeah, I think tomorrow


@holster for some reason the mp3 player is doing that appear for a second and then disappear thing for me again on this thread. I am using firefox.


Jerze, really enjoyed this a nice build thruout the song I struggled with finding a nice snare sound as well but I think you did a top job!! good luck.


Hey thanks for the listen.
As for the snare yeah, i just can’t seem to get it rt in my mixes.I guess its back to the drawing board.LOL

Thanks again.


I think this is a very good mix! While I can see you could have done something else with the snare sound, I think it works alright. What I really like is that you have a well balanced and clear mix, and I can tell a lot of attention was paid to automation in order to keep things under control and interesting throughout the song. The drum cymbal ‘clicking’ seems to be addressed well enough in places, though it’s still a bit noticeable in others. That was one of the biggest challenges of this mix IMO.

I think you managed to come through with a very tasteful yet interesting version of the song!