Why wait-personality (manic mixoff) final mix

so here is my mix thanks to bryan and boz and Andrew for sharing and mostly the band who wrote a great song!
I didn’t get as much time to mix this as I had wanted life sure gets in the way but I tried to bring a few different methods to it.
this is non mastered I don’t claim to be one but it could be polished a bit more but beyond the scope of my knowledge at this time. I have heard some great mixes good luck to everyone.


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I like the overall sound and balances.

Only the snare bothers me. Somehow it doesn’t match with other band’s sonic space. Is it too loud or too boxy, hard to say, but something is disturbing me, but it could be just me.

But otherwise I think everything is where it should be, overall sound is both strong enough and smooth enough.

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As far as I can tell this is generally a very good mix.
I can hear every instrument and I like the extra snare hits you used.

If I had to point out some things I would do differently:

  1. I’d lower a few db the guitar notes at 1:40 to 1:50.
  2. I’d bring up the last solo guitar part by a few db.
  3. Maybe I would also bring the snare 1-2 db down like OlliH suggested.

Good luck!

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Nice mix. I like the snare but it could be pulled down a couple of db’s because it is stepping on the vocals some you could use some eq to pull out some 2k and that might help. I like the use telephone voice effect. For me overall it feels like the vocals could go up but that could be because of the snare. Good stuff thanks for sharing.

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thanks all for your input yes I noticed when I uploaded the mp3 here the snare came out louder than it does on windows media player in my past mix Andrew had mention that the snare could use some eq to help I did a bit of that and added a transits shaper to try and get a bit more snap and fullness out of it so it cut threw the mix. easy to fix with a reduction in the snare of 2 or 3 db, and the couple of points Manabyss on them short gtr parts. all in all I’m very happy what I did and im getting better everyday I just wish I could spend more time mixing I so enjoy doing this.

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I think your right red the snare is over powering the vocals I have all of the mix except the drums going thru a rear bus 1176 compressor it helps keep the vocals above all the other tracks so it definitely is the snare.

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That is it. I actually run all my instruments through a compressor just compressing it gently on my instrument bus. that helps me to catch these kind of issues when suddenly it is having to work to hard. Anyway just a thought.

The snare could use some addition tweaking . A bit of room or verb would help it fit in the mix better also maybe a bit more bottom mic out of phase .

Otherwise nice vocal treatment

Good luck

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thank you Thomas I do have verb on the snare I have since posting went back and fixed the snare and other few things that was mentioned.

Hey dgarner, life does find away to get in the way, but you got a mix up.

Things don’t sound bad I like the guitar part you added in the intro(.38). It sounds like you did a total replacement on the snare? Well, like me though there’s a few mis-triggers an timing issues with it plus the leveling . Staying with the drums the hi hat has some ringing FREQ at 2.10 2 to 4 k range that needs some notching.

Also, maybe a little vocal automation along with lead, bg vocal editing.

Overall, I think with more time and some minor tweaks you could ,polish it up and you’d be rt There.
Nice Job!

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Same opinion here! I think the snare is great, just a little loud and dry. Some reverb on an AUX bus really goes a long way when it comes to this and it will help bring out the snare without giving it too much volume. Gotta confess, like the punch of it though!

Love the effect you kicked in on the vocal on the second verses. Watch out with the trigger though. It’s punching in the snare (low but can be felt) in some kick parts.

Overall opinion: Nice mix and great ideas :beerbang:

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Thank you Bunker yeah I have a aux reverb send on the snare but I didn’t like the verb I was using I have since went back and fixed all of that but I can upload the new mix as the rules of the contest but more of a learning thing for me anyways.

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nice balance and overall sound… sound smooth
In my opinion pull up a little guitar more since this is a rock music, snare pull down

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Hey Danny,

I think most of the points have been covered in the other critiques, so I don’t really have anything to add that hasn’t been said already.

The dynamics were very tricky to control in this track - particularly the drums. If I remember correctly, nailing the individual sources into place with compression and whatever other tactics I could muster was critical to the process.

When playing is overly dynamic, it effectively doubles your work as a mixer. First you have to even things out, then you have to go through and restore some dynamics through automation - challenging to say the least.

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Andrew yes I agree I have since went back and corrected these things all in all i"m pretty happy where my mixing skills are becoming getting to the point were is just subtle things I need to do verses where I was 3 years ago you have been a great help on RR.

I like the fact that you didn’t exagerate the bass. Drums sound very dry, could use some more space. Snare might be a bit loud.