Why can't I hear send/insert effects?

Why can't I hear send/insert effects?


(And excuse me if I’ve asked this before, or if it’s covered already…I did look!)

When I record audio guitar parts by DI through my eMu Tracker Pre to Cubase 6 Artist (photo here: http://indierecordingdepot.com/t/di-recording-guitar-noob-still/1933/2) all I hear is the bare ‘plinky plinky’ sound of the guitar. It’s only when I hit playback that I’ll hear the amp rack, or the chorus, or the reverb etc.

Is there a way around this?


never used cubase but in both studio one and sonar there is a button next to the record enable button. I think it looks like a speaker. when you press that down it routes sends the effected single out to your interface. It looks to me like cubase 6 has that. Try that and start recording and see it that does it.


I think I’ve tried that but I’ll have another look. Cheers


Sometimes i have to actually start recording before i hear it with the effects. I am not sure why.
If that doesn’t work i saw somewhere that someone said that you can turn off direct recording in cubase settings and then you will hear it through the DAW. I think that is a big pain and pretty drastic so hopefully you don’t have to do that. But…


Well clearly I’ve not tried that before, because that worked nicely.

Except then it didn’t play back on review until I turned off that little speaker icon.


Yes, in most DAWs there is function like “track monitoring” ON or AUTO, which should let you hear what is being recorded on the track. If this is enabled, you should be able to hear the processed signal with the track “armed” to record, even if you haven’t yet started recording the track in real time.

And make sure you are listening through the DAW and not a “zero latency” output on your interface.