Why can my computer not speak 'music'? Grrrrr!

You know that fucking annoying spell checker??? I’m sick of this damn thing trying to autocorrect every musical instrument, tech item, and piece of recording gear known to man. But I need the spell checker on. Is there a way to copy a whole laundry list of musical instruments, gear manufactures, and stuff and paste it into a ‘learned word’ list and be done with this??? Its even more annoying on my phone.

Not an expert on the issue but here’s what comes up on google:

What Arber said. Any spellchecker will have a function to add new words.

Go get yourself a document that is just chock full of jargon, either one you wrote yourself or off the web (or both), and run them through, adding each word as the spellchecker flags them. Do this for five or ten docs and you’ll be 80% of the way there. I did this way back when, early in my career, to add all the geo and science terms. Well worth the investment of time!