Why aren't there more women working in audio?

Any thoughts on this one?

Be careful with stereotyping, you may end up lonely, and we wouldn’t want that. There would be more women in audio if it was more attractive to them. No different than construction, or any number of other trades or professions.
Let’s face it, making a living in audio, or music, or anything related can be very rewarding, but the struggle to be reasonably successful at it requires a level of commitment and just plain hard work that many times far outweigh the payoff.
Maybe a better question in this case is why women are so much smarter than us in their career choices.


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Wage gap is a separate issue, at least to me, and really I was saying that in jest. However, now that you mention it, let’s explore that for a second. My point was that “Audio” as a career choice can be very daunting for anyone, and for women, the fact that it is a male dominated career with no benefits and low pay for the majority who pursue it may shy women away from that choice due to intelligence and self preservation. If wage gap is thrown into the mix, that would seem to further dissuade women, since they would prefer to be in a higher paying category to start so their net income would be palatable considering the wage gap.
As far as the wage gap is concerned, my view is if two candidates are equally qualified for a job, the pay and opportunity for advancement should be the same. Not just for men vs. women, but in all cases. Unfortunately, in the audio business, for the most part there is no wage gap, because very few are making any money at it.

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A lot of women don’t choose jobs in technical fields because they are treated poorly by the men in that industry.
Many women pursue the education and then find out that they are treated like sex objects by their male co-workers and abandon the field for something where they are treated like equals.

I work in the computer field (VLSI chip design) and while we have a few women engineers, it is dominated by males.
It will take time, as do all major social changes, but men can help accelerate the process by being completely professional in their interactions with female co-workers.


What’s your definition of a technical field?

I wouldn’t be as quick to call sound engineering any more of a technical field than cooking. Does merely the aspect of technology itself distinguish the two? Then what about graphic design? I tend to view them as artistic fields, which is why I’m surprised its not picking up faster for women. I also find myself wondering why classical music is so much more gender balanced than other areas.

I would wonder if it has more to do with traditional gender roll, but then when I look at a fields like medicine, journalism, and law, there’s an awful lot of women in a profession that was almost exclusively male dominated less than 100 years ago.

Thats a good thought. The question would become why other job fields have progressed faster.

I’m just thinking out loud now. Isn’t there some pretty solid psychology that suggests male children develop deductive problem solving skills earlier than female children by large? But that female children usually become fluent in communication social disciplines from a younger age?

Could this have something to do with it? That the technical side of sound design (though artistic in many ways) is just far enough to the engineering side of things that guys gravitate toward it a little more naturally?

And I wonder if the manual labor side has anything to do with it. I have a hard time seeing how the construction and rigging aspects of live sound and sound installation wouldn’t have a bent toward the male workforce. With that particular part aside, as @JayGee said, I can’t think any possible reason a female would be ANY less capable than a guy at writing code. Matter of fact, I’m almost certain that couldn’t be the case lol.

Yeah, men use the left side of their brain more and women use both. That’s why they make connections. They’re much better communicators, men are better at practical shit. Watch this.