Who uses Fender amps?

Who uses Fender amps?
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Yes I did! I also found that I kept having to adjust the tones too, depending on where we were playing, whereas the rig I use now doesn’t have those issues. Having said all, I had 11 years of good reliable use out of it before it gave up the ghost at a rehearsal whilst we were blasting out “Brown Sugar!”

I’d recommend one to anybody if they’re looking for a reasonable sized combi-amp for gigging, etc.


Ive a friend has several Fenders and he speaks highly of the Super Sonic for being versatile of the bunch and done really well. He likes all of them of course and has the Marshalls and Rivera and Mesa Boogies too. But if I bought a Live Fender versatile amp Id probably get a Super Sonic to get more tones per his unbiased recommendation. Not sure which one, theres the heads and 60 and 22watt? I think. Sometimes the 22watts gets a better overdrive if I recall and the LOUD TWINS have to be so LOUD to break up its too LOUD. ahahaaa that amps too LOUD geeez…LOUD and clean… who the hell plays that LOUD? in a bar or home? and if you set it at 3 and use pedals whats the point?


I agree that its by far the most versatile of the entire Fender line. And for live, it would be a no-brainer.

The 60W sounded a hell of a lot better than the 22!

Not this one. I think thats more true of class A amps than these Supersonics.


I ended up going with the 100 watt, which can drop to 20-25 watts and also did automatic tube biasing :slight_smile: