Who is your go-to streaming service?

Hey guys (and girls) :slight_smile:

Who’s your go-to music streaming service? As a listener?

Was thinking about picking up a music streaming service, namely because it would help me better start keeping up with who’s who on the market these days. I have youtube Red. Its been a God-Send for not having to tolerate adds… $15 and my entire family never has to watch a single advertisement. I’ve been planning on going back and spending more time in the gym… perhaps I can make good use to it to study. Particularly when running on a treadmill which is brutally punishing to a hyperactive brain like mine. I tried watching linked-in learning videos and Groove 3 tutorials, but I can’t do it. I think I could handle listening music though.

Since my office is right down the road from my house, and since Florence SC is real small (can cross the entire city in 12 min), I don’t spend much time in my car.

Then you have YouTube Music Premium as well. Just use that–it’s great!

I love my Spotify.

Prime Music - I just picked it up, looks great as you can download what you want to listen to as well, for those places that have bad wifi/data connection. That has worked really well, and I’ve picked up some new bands that I really like.

+1 for Spotify. Have you tried podcasts? Ha I find myself turning to those more often than music lately for background while working out/cleaning/etc

I usually use Google Music and upload my own music. I think you can upload 50,000 songs under your standard free Google account. They also have streaming channels available as well as pod casts. I can listen at work and on my commute via my cell phone.

I’ve been using spotify, mostly because I prefer the interface. I’ve been thinking about switching to something else just to try it out and see if there are any features that they have that spotify doesn’t, but moving over my playlists seems like more work than I’m willing to do.

We have a subscription to Pandora, but I decided to finally burn and collect all of my music and install a streaming media server in my house.
I’m using PLEX software and a free computer I pulled from the local recycling center.

I have over 14,000 songs, 3000 music videos and countless photos on it and haven’t used Pandora since setting up the server.


Pandora free probably gets the most use.



I haven’t been able to figure out pandora. When it first came out, it was really the first streaming service, so it made sense back then. But today, they charge the same as other streaming services, only you don’t get to pick what song will play.

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I agree that it doesn’t have the flexibility of the other streaming services. We bought a lifetime subscription several years back during a promotion. We have so many stations programmed that it works well for us and haven’t thought about switching or expanding to other providers.


Actually ONLY because it has cd-quality streaming. Also it has master quality streaming when the artist provides the master export track. So you get the quality that the master engineer has during the mastering proces.

19.99€/month though, but I think its worth it.

  • what is also worth noting, is that they recently changed their system so that the artists get a way more fair streaming revenue payout. Damn my english is limited :frowning:

ah, interesting. I do use pandora sometimes, but I just deal with the ads. I use it when I want to just listen to music that I don’t already know because spotify’s song suggestion thing just keeps re-suggesting the same songs.

That’s exactly what I ran into also. I found Pandora to be a better service for being more like a ‘radio station’ in that I won’t know what’s playing next, which is just what I want at times. They seem to have found a better system for doing that than Spotify. However, I do use spotify when I’m after a particular song or album.

I’ve been running Plex for years as a video server and love it but I find the Music support to be rather weak. I wish they would build out some better features for music (and music video)!

Plex has weaknesses when audio or video files are missing expected metadata and the tool’s best guesses are incorrect.

When the data is present, it does a good job of automatically downloading album art and grouping songs into albums and artists.

Yeah, I used Pandora but the free service has very limited songs, and is usually way off.
When I pick something like say Sepultura or Slayer it keeps on suggesting Motley Crue and GunsNRoses songs, which is way off :slight_smile: