Who here likes recording other people?

I like recording music. I like playing music. I like working with musicians who are good. I hate hate hate recording other people. I don’t mind the set up. I don’t mind the mixing afterwards. I hate the recording process. I hate trying to give people feedback on the fly.

I think that’s why I make plugins instead. I don’t have to deal with any of that stuff.


I’m kind of with you there. Except I love recording people. What I hate is listening to their crap while mixing. And I generally like mixing. I don’t like mixing music I don’t like.


I love it (recording other people) when I get the chance. I really enjoy the challenge of working out a player’s psychology and working out the most effective way to get the best performance out of them…
Unfortunately, I rarely have time to record others.


I thought that I’d like it but I really don’t enjoy it!
I have a very self-centred studio space and I have to re-arrange things for visitors which annoys me… but, I’ve only recorded voice-overs so maybe that doesn’t count? I’ve done quite a few different radio ads now and all that means is recording voices and then splodging in some sounds/music. I have had a bunch of people wanting to come and record music but they never end up coming. O I do enjoy random roaming recording with my zoom mic though… that is serious fun!


I don’t like recording myself, because recording wind instruments is kind of a hassle. I do like recording my friends though who are exceptionally good at the instruments they play. I had converted my basement studio to a scoring room just around the time when covid hit so that was a bummer. But all in all I like recording my friends and others except my mom and sister inlaw who are exceptional singers but I can never please them with how they sound in the end :sweat_smile:


Otherwise known as producing. It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it…