Who here does what?

So assuming any of us are looking for someone to replace their computerized sounds. Or add a neat instrument to an idea in our head. Who here does what sort of instruments?

I crapily play ukulele, pretty crap vocals, and do even crapier keyboards (with an awesome ROLI Seaboard keyboard). And thinking of adding crapy sounding tambourine to my skill set.


I would love to know what everybody around here does well. I’m just going to place my full resume here, and I hope more people do too. Some of these are pretty old, but I don’t think I’ve progressed much in my playing ability over the past few years.

I can play piano and do orchestration. My favorite thing to do is add orchestration to existing songs. I’m pretty mediocre at at guitar, bass and drums, but play enough to get by if I have to.

Metal with orchestration

Just orchestration

More Orchestration

More orchestration

I played bass on this

Played everything on this (drums are programmed)

Same as above

Same as above (drums programmed, not me singing)

Oh, and I consider myself a very proficient opera singer when it comes to topics that are close to my heart.


Everything I do is mostly average, except maybe burping.
rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, vocals, (lead, background) songwriting, mixing


Keys and Guitar here. If you ask me to sing, I promise you’ll regret it lol.

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Guitarist first. I can play some pretty decent bass. “Adequate” vocalist (whatever that means). Can find my way around drums and record a reasonable part (with a good bit of help from my DAW).

I’m a terrible keyboard player - thank goodness for midi. My sister is a brilliant pianist, so I never even tried - I should have :persevere:

Oh, and I can mix alright, too.


I can do a half good rock vocal and been playing blues harp for 20 years, Not set up here for recording but could sort that out if needs be .ColdRoomStudio is the voice

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Oh, why the hell not? :grin: I do vocals, rhythm and lead guitar, bass guitar, play drums (rusty) and drum programming, shaman drum and shaker, and a bit of keyboards.

Most of this is things I have posted on the forum(s) at one time or another.

My ‘signature’ song “I Would Die For Metal”, all original, me on vox and instruments (MIDI drums), lyrics and music inspired as a Spinal Tap parody (i.e. a parody of a parody :blush:).

Cover (karaoke track) of Godsmack “Whatever”, me on vocals. (explicit)

Cover (karaoke track) of Rob Zombie “Dragula”, me on vocals.

Cover of Motorhead “Dogs”, me on vox and all instruments (MIDI drums).

Cover of Judas Priest “Metal Gods”, me on vox and all instruments (MIDI drums), home made sound effects based on how the band did them in the studio.

Cover (karaoke track) of Judas Priest “Breaking the Law”, me on vocals.

Snippet of Judas Priest “The Ripper” intro, Rob Halford on left, me on right (vocals).

Cover of Aerosmith “Toys in the Attic”, me on vox, instruments via collab with RR user.

Mixing contest song “Flybug” by band A Girl and a Gun. Basic tracks were provided but only one drum track with Toms was in there; I had to add the main rhythm track for drums. Also added some sound effects.

Original song “Save The Minions”, me on vox and beats/samples. Lyrics by (IRD member) Emma.

Original song “Syria Rap”, me on vox and beats/samples. Political topic, explicit.

Original theme song “Spider’s Web”, me on programmed drums and Zebra synth, and lead guitar (sampled).

Oh, and last but not least, a cover of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” with me on vocals and a karaoke track.


My strength is acoustic guitar. I am also decent at mandolin and bass, and electric rhythm guitar. I am not a lead/shred kinda guy by any stretch of the imagination.

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The Met really has missed out…

Well I am glad that at least you’re not so good on keys, because everything else is certainly way above adequate.

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Man, I still have those files and I’ve laid down some vocals on that. I really need to get my ass back on it.

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I can do bass, drums, and probably some basic rhythm guitar.

I don’t do shit, but I am good at what I do!

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@bozmillar - Cookie Monster has competition! Although, I must say, you sound a little like Adam Sandler too. https://youtu.be/Yq7b0Qcjlck

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I bit of dabble into everything lol
I am a score writer, conductor, flute player, pianist.

I do movie scoring and orchestration, I am working on my first real movie score at the moment :smiley:
(partial clip due to NDA)

I do covers, photography and video editing

I do mixing (sry no mastering) and compose backtracks for karaoke .


I play some guitar, drums and trumpet. I enjoy singing.

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I started playing music with a keyboard, but I quickly got involved into drums, vocals and guitar too. I am passionate about timing and interpretation so I can play anything tight and clean provided it doesn’t involve any technical stuff otherwise I’ll suck, except maybe on keys.

It’s interesting to see that most producers are also all-around musicians while musicians are rarely excellent on more than one instrument (not talking about prodigies like Jacob Collier and the likes who come from another planet).

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I play keyboards and sing mostly.
I also can play a bit of guitar… if I have too.
I’ve been writing songs since I was 15 or so. Mostly ballads.
And the last few years I’m trying to get better at the art of mixing.

Here are some samples:

  1. Sagapo in Greek or I love you, from a record we did back in 2009 with a band called Arhi Dialogou. I composed, sang and played keyboards and acoustic guitar here.

  1. Rainy Autumn Day. Another one of my songs. Everything here is done by me 5 or 6 years ago in my home studio.

  1. A christmas song we did two years ago with my friend Nikos Iglezos who sings. I do the rest.

  1. A summer song from back in 2004. Called Arhes Avgoustou in Greek or Beginning of August. Everything but the vocals and acoustic guitar was midi back then. Even the electric guitars… Terrible :slight_smile:

  1. And a couple of covers we do with my bands. With Busy Tone…

Bad Company - Ready For Love

Toto - Georgy Porgy

  1. And my acoustic band, Smokin’ Wood.

Blue Suede Shoes.

And Let Me Entertain You.

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I do lead guitar quite decently or so I’ve been told. I can do metal vocals, extreme genres, death, black metal, decent Lemmy and Chronos impression. Decent bass player.

Current band:

Old band:

Some odd bits and pieces I’ve done

Black metal vocals:

Hard rock (did everything on this, drum loops):

I can fake decent Santana (only solos):

Industrial (everything minus drums)

Thrash/speed metal mega shred (programmed drums)

Death Metal (all, minus drums, bass)

Doom (guitars only):

Hard rock:


I’d love to hear how this goes (including the process)!!