Whisper to a scream,mix

Another rock mix

At first I thought you were covering the Robert Palmer song, but this is not that.

This time it IS the virtuoso chops that shine! The mix is lots of fun, too, I especially like the stereo panning on the drums, although the vocals and lead guitar are equally impressive.

As much as I like rock, it is hard for a song like this to stand out in the annals of all time, no matter how great it is. It is like Deep Purple or many other bands since who made screaming a big thing. I enjoyed it, though, especially in context with your other completely different songs. I find the title to be self aware of its derivative legacy, an homage to all the screamers gone by. Not many can pull this off, and you did.

Thanks for the kind words but i only mix the tracks .Im thrilled you like the mix tho.

Nice mix and this is a very different song, again.
I found the mix a bit odd as it sounds like vocals are disconnected from the band and in the same way, instruments sound muffled whereas vocals play in higher stuff.

By the way, drums are very spot on and the overall mix sounds under control.
Nice work!!

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Sounds great to me! I got drawn in from the name which I thought was the 80s TIW song or the Soho remix in the movie Scream, both some of my favorites, also it was in my recommended. Singer sounds awesome and definitely has the chops and energy but I think they should be a bit more buried in the mix with reverb and compression, not a lot, they’re good, at times he reminds me a bit of Jack Black haha. I just like it in general when the singer is only a little louder than the rest of the music in all things, and even though I know every mix tutorial says it, not a big fan of upfront, and it’s not what I hear in the music I listen to, and right now he is really standing out with no reverb/delay and not too connected with the rest of the band. I can’t offer too much toward the instrumental, everything sounds great there to my bad-mixing ear, but I swept frequencies with my browser EQ (ears) and I can’t really think of anything I’d remove or boost, and like the others said the stereo drums are a good choice too. If you don’t want to use reverb I would still turn the instruments up around him. If it were up to me it’d be clipping the master haha.

Rock on!