Which Master?

Here’s another Mastering Shootout… Which Master do you like best - A, B or C?

Master A

Master B

Master C


Wow great tune, sounds fricken amazing. I’d have to go middle of the road ‘Master B’. I do like the punchiness of C, but it just feels a little too squished. B 's a bit more open.


I agree with @terryhesticles , B is my choice as well.
Excellent tune, great vocals!
Keep making 'em great music!

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First 20 seconds of “A” then transfer to B or C…maybe B ha ha Great tune

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I liked A but then I think I’d go with C, but it might be more fatiguing over time? And the last guitar slide seems cut off at 2:50 in C, maybe I’m missing something else?

Thanks for the comments everyone. I went with C. It was done by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering, who will be mastering the rest of the album.

A was my original “faux” master; B was a stem mastering experiment done by Rob from AMC, which I did like overall, but I felt it changed the fundamental character and intent of my mix a little too much. Additionally, Rob was breaking in a totally new setup, and ended up not being happy with where it was at during the time that he did the master.

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I decided that before I read any other posts, Andrew, which is probably the “punchiness” others mentioned.

I think I should get a prize!

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