Which e-drum module?

Which e-drum module?
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Ho everyone,

Is there any good alternative to a Roland TD-30 e-drum module regarding recording and live act possibilities?

The alternative has to be playable in live without a computer…so nothing ITB.

Thanks a ton



This one looks interesting, although I don’t think it has been released yet:



@ColdRoomStudio looks like a beast! I will check ot out.



I’m a Yamaha guy myself. They’re slightly cheaper than Rolands and offer very similar features in my opinion. The first link is the newest model, and the second one is probably 10 years old now at this point, but I actually have it and don’t plan on changing it out until it finally fails on me. It has both main outs, midi outs for recording, and also individual outs if you wanted to actually record the sounds from the module while recording. You can still find the Module out there.




I’ll checknit out