Where is the group clutch in Studio One?

Does anyone know how to engage and deactivate all groups? I’m used to these living on a list (floating or docked)…I can’t figure out how to pull up the window.

Thanks guys

Not sure what “group clutch” is, but here are some keyboard commands for SO4. Maybe this will help?
presonus-studio_one_4-key_commands.pdf (535.8 KB)

And here’s a much bigger document with comparable key commands to other DAWs.
presonus_studio_one_keyKommands.pdf (1.9 MB)

Aw man. That’s frustrating. It looks like an all groups clutch is a very highly requested feature on the presonus forum.

What that does is it bypasses all groups without having to dissolve and rebuild the groups. Think of it like a global group bypass. You can’t use VCA’s because I don’t think S1 has a way of linking regions to respond to the VCAs. VCA’s seem to only be able to control fader moves, mutes, pans, etc… mixer related stuff.