Where are my toys...up for a bashing

The older I get, the more I keep thinking back on my childhood. I could picture playing this to a bunch of my older friends around a campfire after a lot of beer.
The gals might cry and the guys would leave. ha ha
I did not plan that i would be in 3/4 timing until I tried to add percussion. Studio one and EZdrummer has none.
Anyhow my singing is sacrificed with allergies, so sorry bout that. peace to yawl

Where are my toys

the laughter… of children …so warms my soul D A G A
nothing compares… to anything I’ve known
a mystical choir ….soaring high in the air G A D Bm
so loving ….with not a care G A D

uncontrolled giggles and shrieks of delight Em D C G
smiles born from angels… eyes clear and bright so Em D C
infectious to be …spread all around Em D C G
this world needs much more of this sound C D G

where are my toys and where are my friends C G
where are fun times we thought would not end D G
where are my toys and where is that happiness G
I want it all back again D G

can you… remember… from so long ago D A G A
pink cheeks… tongue out …the new falling snow
yur trampoline bed …those bath suds you’d blow G A D Bm
exhausted you’d let that day go G A D

dreaming so vividly…. thought to be true…wild Em D C G
stories next morning …but mom really knew Em D C
Imagination limitless…. stories you’d spew Em D C G
everyone’s…eyes were on you C D G

That idea kind of reminds me of the iconic scene in “2001: A Space Odyssey” where the old man turns into a newborn baby. This has a very sweet innocent characteristic that is rare these days.

Nice acoustic guitars and harmonica. Good vocal parts too, sounds like falsetto backing vocal.

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It is 3/4 waltz time; with harmonica even! It all sounds very good to me!