When you've run out of places to go

The hits keep coming

This one actually started off a couple weeks back using VH 'Somebody get me a doctor" as a reference. Though of course it changed a lot it still managed to keep some semblance of that smoky blues sound

3 songs in 3 days…ready for a break for sure lol

Mix 2

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Cool tune. The only thing I notice is that the guitar on the left seems unbalanced. I beleive on the early VH albums they panned reverb opposite the guitar to fill in the space. The guitars all seem a little dry to me. Maybe more delay and/or reverb would help them sit better.

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Nice job! It sounds like a tough song for the singer. That would be my only bash. If he was a touch tighter on the phrasing, and not sliding into pitch quite as much it would compliment the song a bit more. Sounds like he’s searching for it a little bit. Other than that it is very well done.

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yeah, I pretty much have the VH setup here. There is only one rhythm track and its left and the reverb for it is on the right. Im sure it needs mucho balancing as does the whole track

This was a one day wonder lol…done very quickly

the singer is me and the melodies etc WERE being searched for as i sang it lol. I assume this would be what people might call a first draft. It was just done quickly for a '5 songs in 5 days" challenge

If you are the singer, you obviously have the pipes to do it. It will be great to hear it when you get it the way you want it.

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Mix 2, my first attempted foray into side chaining