When you are in a little funk, you write sad songs

Started this Sunday. I feel for those who are lonely. Song is called “keep me in your heart”

C G Am F C G C

Been alone nearly all my life lost my best friend I lost my wife

Her smile…gentle touch that lovin face I have missed so much… Oooo

She asked me to go I’z busy drinkin a beer…

She winked and said I’ll be right back dear

I heard the crash … fell to my knees…I knew it was her I screamed no god please…

Don’t take ……her away …oh no oh no…

I got their in a minute held her in my arms ……her eyes were fading

Her final words … keep me in your heart … my love … forever Dm C G C

It’s been a couple years gone stopped in for a brew…

I looked around there was no one I knew

Hi there…she said…you look a little sad…is there sumpthin I can do…i said

No thanks…I’m a little blue…I miss my wife but that was very nice of you…to say

Every night I think of her… prayin by my bed…

the memories of her face crystal clear in my head

I whisper keep me in your heart …forever Dm C (2) G…C

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You are right about the song being sad! Kind of reminds me of the song “Last Kiss”.

Everything fits this song really well. The drums are set back but provide enough push without being noticed. In fact, everything sits back behind the vocal which makes the vocal more intense and it works really well.
Good (sad) stuff!

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Whoah, real heart-breaker Paul! Sounding good so far.

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I like the melody, and your vocals is full of emotion.
Great lyrics as well.
Thanks for sharing.

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I hope this is not a true story, Paul, because it is like an older adult tragic crash song. Only thing lacking is the crash sound effects in the background…

Good job, dude!

No doubt! @feaker, you always have such creative stories in your lyrics that tend so seem so personal that it’s hard to tell which you’ve experienced and which ones you’ve just imagined. It’s pretty incredible really. Have you ever considered writing short stories also?

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Hi Boss. I usually write from a personal experience. I do however, take the story to a whole new level for interest’s sake. For example the nasty song I put up a few days ago about young ladies in a convertible hitting on me the old man. Half was fabricated. The next part is always the toughest to get a chord pattern and interesting lyrical notes…and expression. Rene has done some great work with only lyrics. kudos to him. good to hear from you and thanks

A sad song, but very well done! Nothing to complain about.