When the Time Comes- a Social Song

Another very simple song that expresses how I feel about the upcoming election. It seems too simple to be original, if you know what I mean.

When the Time Comes by Steve Bancroft

Dm C C Dm
When all the waiting’s over
When all the votes are in
When they are carefully counted
And we know who’ll win

Once we have the answer
Will we still be chums
Regardless of the winner
When the time comes

It’s only when it’s close it matters
Otherwise it’s fine
No one cares it might be unfair
If you lose in a landslide

So once we have the answer
Will we still be chums
Regardless of the winner
When the time comes


This song will work for me as a listener with a quirkier drum beat cranking out a bell like… no, a soft ring modulated drum thingy.
Changed up on every verse even!

Its a groovy haunting social commentary on fixated or dare i say affixiated ones.

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You have successfully driven the message, and truly a red-hot topic to be in the middle of.
It just show that our world is truly diverse, and a good deal of travel would be a true education for one to chew and digest. Understanding and really be inside the shoe of a suffering soul would be a human experience that all peoples need to feel and even be wounded by.

@steban - Great work on introducing this social song, in the midst of this truly divisive generation. I love “Will we still be chums?”
And not even mentioning all the false claims and lies in our media, and it is so unbelievable that a human being can be so far off from the truth.

Simple is beautiful, and I love the melody of this great social song.

The organ (?) intro is interesting. The vocal effect produces an interesting syncopation. Vocal pitch is variable though. The ending drum fill is nice.

I might say asphyxiated. :smirk:

I can have a discussion/debate with anyone, as long as they don’t insist that MainStreamMedia (aka “Mockingbird Media”) have total ownership of the Truth. There are lots of lies and propaganda. My own opinion is #WalkAway, #RedWave, #MAGAnificent, though YMMV.

Rene is absolutely correct, the media (MSM) is a farce at this point. We cannot debate each other based on those references. We only have our own experience and common sense to guide us. Surely, those shared experiences can merge in some common ground.

We all have to sort things out and talk about what they mean. I think the first 7 minutes or so of this discussion are really interesting. I never thought I would see Kid Rock and Bill Maher together, this has to be another sign of the Apocalypse :wink::

This uses almost the default drumbeat on Jamstix with shakers, Christopher. So, no cow bell?

Thanks for listening, my friend! I have friends and family who have always been politically opposed to my opinions. Well, some not always, as some change over time for various reasons. But it doesn’t matter. We can all speak our minds with honesty and information and logic, but we don’t have to be angry or upset when we can’t change their minds, no matter how right we think we are, or wrong they are. I find that beyond certain political football topics of the day we tend to mostly believe the same things.

Thanks, Stan! Beyond the lyrics, I wanted the music to be interesting. I think that organ is a free Spitfire LABS sample of an early 1940s electronic synth. That company has collected samples from people since the 80s and now give them all away as a VST library. Some are strange, others pretty and not easy to identify. They also offer BBC Orchestra for free, which is pretty nice sounding for fairly realistic symphonic sounds.

I think we can, Stan! My mistrust of information/misinformation/disinformation predates MSM by decades. For me, it was religion and corporations and government, and media was a distant 4th place.

I don’t watch Bill often anymore, and Kid Rock politically is no Kanye, but he’s up there with Ted Nugent. But it does prove the point that we can still be civilized, and maybe if we each listen a little we’ll rediscover some of our common ground. Not everyone can do it, but wouldn’t it be nice.

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Good to know. Although I don’t think electronic synths were around in the 1940’s. More like the 1960’s IIRC, with Moog and maybe a few other dabblers.

Personally I’d put media in 1st place - front and center. Though government and media are now in collusion, so basically the same. Technocracy. Several court cases and trials have shown that much of the censorship, especially the last couple of years, is government pulling the levers of media and social media. That Farcebook guy admitted on Joe Rogan that the FBI paid him a visit in 2020 and made ‘suggestions’. Large corporations have always had their issues, and are worse now with the ESG woke nonsense, but I say just boycott/buycott the offenders and support those in line with your values. As for religion, I’d put that last, and I’d call it “organized religion”. On an individual level, I prefer to think of it as spirituality and not religion, at least for people who prefer to think for themselves.

It sounds like you’re at least willing to consider that media is not trustworthy. You didn’t give specifics about Kanye, but you may be implying he’s ‘extreme’? AFAIK, all the fuss about him is because he showed a chart with a bunch of red boxes on it, and named the group that represents the red boxes, which mostly owns/runs the media. Whether that’s fact or opinion, he’s entitled to his opinion. So who is calling him out and naming/labeling him ‘extreme’? The media. Don’t you see a problem there? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to test his ideas rather than jump on the media bandwagon? Question everything.

  1. You learn something everyday! Even at 70.

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Very interesting! I hadn’t heard about this before. I’d suggest this is more like a pioneering step toward electronic synthesizers, especially since the website repeatedly calls the Ondioline an “electronic musical instrument”, not a “synthesizer”. Undoubtedly though, it must have influenced the eventual rise of synthesizer inventors.

I’m fascinated with synthesizers, and have some understanding of them and the history involved. I even owned a small Moog (can’t remember the model) many years ago.

The technical info page:

Believe it or not, instrumentally this reminds me of The Cure somewhat, can’t remember which song. I try to be careful when & where I talk about politics; just my opinion; not saying you should feel that way. My wife sometimes gets annoyed when I bring up politics with her side of the family, most of them lean the other direction. My daughter dislikes almost everything political, she tolerates me talking about it briefly. Other buddies of mine rib each other a lot regarding politics; none of them get too irritated for long. I think you have a good song here.