When the levee breaks (same title differnet song)

Because of Dave Chordwainers’s brave solo performance (the man and his guitar) I decided to post a link for something I recorded with my phone a couple of years ago. It’s called “when the levee breaks” even though it hardly has any relation to the famous Zep song. It is however about when Katrina flooded most of New Orleans. I live in a country of which about 2/3 lies below sea level, densely populated parts as deep as 8 meters below. If things go wrong there many hundreds of thousands would die. Most Dutch people think they are pretty safe behind their dikes but the question is for how long?
Anyway, this (living room) recording’s not very good, the Martin drowning out my vocal most of the time, but I’m I’m still saving my best songs (I think this is one of them) for later when I finally become a good enough producer :innocent:
Ideas on how I should finally make a good recording of the song are always welcome!


Oh what great fun. I smell a trend here. Love the way you got into this. You and the guitar sound great. Great guitar riff. A story too. I was hoping for a smile from either Dave or you?? Yours was that kind of story. I wouldn’t change much at all. Maybe tame the highs a little??? I can’t sing on key anymore like you did throughout. It’s just so good to see your friends in real life. Ya done er up good bud:)

Great stuff Evert! Really dig the song and the chord changes. There’s nothing like “led-zeppelin-ing” a Led Zeppelin song - very cool!

Yeah I am looking pretty serious there I guess. Serious song :wink:
I’ll try a more entertaining video next time :cowboy_hat_face:

Funny thing was I really had no intention at all of trying to write a Led Zep like song, and I didn’t realize until I was looking for a song title that the subject was in fact related to the famous song. Mine was very much a folky/ bluesy acoustic song at first (and so is a lot of Led Zep!). But it does have the same tempo more or less and the riff has some similarities too. Not enough to be accused of plagiarism I should hope, but it may have been in the back of my mind unconsciously. Maybe this is what you mean by “Led Zepping a Led Zeppelin song” Andrew: Jimmy Page claims he invented all those folky licks, whereas some are remarkably similar to licks from folk guitarists of the day. Must have been unconsciously in the back of his mind too :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Anyway good to hear you guys like it.

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Yup, you got it - that is exactly what I had in mind… Ol’ Jimmy of all people should be attuned to the concept of “share, and share alike” :wink:

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This is really good. The sound is fairly decent considering that you aren’t in a treated room. I really like the way you built the intensity to a peak around the 2 minute mark. Good song!

Oh, and I do hear the Zeppelinesque riff, when you hammer-on from the C to the Dm. I doubt I would have thought of Zeppelin though if the song wasn’t called When The Levee Breaks.

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