When The Levee Breaks Drum Sound

I ran across this YouTube channel a little while ago and have really been enjoying it. I like his no nonsense style. This was a particularly good one!

Hehe! “Two mics dipped in unicorn tears”…


This guys needs to join us over here!

Awesome! I remember that very scene from It Might Get Loud, and had the exact same misconception. I know I’ve also read about it in at least one book on Zep, but I don’t recall the details. Love to see urban legends debunked!

Good luck getting him to join… he seemed a little disdainful of online forums in general there toward the end, judging by tone of voice and body language…

Well then, he’d be a perfect fit for here! I think most of us feel that way about most of the forums out there :stuck_out_tongue:

True that!

A little extra background on the topic, including the quoted part.


Good news for me is that when he talked about compressing them, it showed a pic of the compex compressor, which is what the +10db comp is modeled after. I never wanted to say it out loud because I didn’t know if it was accurate or not. Now I’m 65% sure it’s accurate.


Good stuff @Stan_Halen! It strikes me when we see things like “ferocious drum sound” mentioned (and its not inacurate) that the setup was actually far more basic than what we’d consider “standard” by today’s methods.

love that tune… huge drums

Really interesting video. Goes to show that there’s a lot of mythology and false stories behind the music.

I’ve watched a few of Rick Beato’s videos on youtube. He has a series of videos where he plays the individual tracks of famous songs. He explains what he believes makes these tracks special and how they contribute to creating the vibe/ feeling of the whole song.

I just recently watched one of his videos concerning the music business and how to use social media such as youtube, facebook and twitter to promote your music. That’s a video that i need to find again…I have to bookmark that one!

Great article on Andy Johns! Love the nugget where he says he recorded “Can’t Find My Way Home” by Blind Faith with just two mics…!!! :astonished::exploding_head::crazy_face:

Sometimes “simple” IS the best!