When the Bell Tolls, a round

I wrote this yesterday. I’m using a bell from LABS called Bell Swarm plus other stuff. It didn’t start as a round, just a 16 beat arpeggio to compare the different bells and combinations of them. I wondered what would happen if I offset them like echoes, and I wasn’t sure they would not clash at some point, but they didn’t, and next thing you know I have a round going!

What I like best about being a midi musician is noodling in a lot of totally different styles and soundscapes. This Surge preset for the lead is great with the pitch wheel!

Do you think it is developing enough not to need a chorus or bridge etc?



Thank you for the reviews! Now your first mix: the vocals remind me of a mix between Jim Morrison and Pink Floyd, and the song itself is trippy like the Doors/the Floyd. Is that real lead guitar or a plugin? A pretty neat sound either way. OK, I guess it’s a plugin. The instrumental version is good, though overall, I like the version with with vocals better. It might be better with a chorus and/or a bridge, though I don’t think it would be easy to do. Might have to delete the bell sound during a chorus to make it more of an obvious chorus? But that might interfere with the flow of the song? Sounds good as is for me. Audio quality is good all around.

I Steve, really interesting tune and ideas. One of things I noticed about this song is that your vocals are MUCH clearer than on any of the other songs I have heard of your’s… so whatever you did differently, keep doing it!

Electric guitar is a very tricky instrument to try to mimic in midi. The main point of difficulty is the finger vibrato. It is as individual to each player as is the vibrato of the human voice. In fact, the reason lead players use vibrato is to get a more “vocal” sound to their playing. If you really focus in on the playing of the greats (Clapton, Beck, Page, Knopfler, Gilmour, Moore, Van Halen etc etc) you’ll hear so many variations that give them their identifiable sound. So much so, that it doesn’t really matter which guitar or amp they are playing, they will always sound like themselves…

… anyhoo, if you want to make the midi guitar more realistic, try imitating that finger vibrato… or not… hell, it sounds pretty cool and original just as a weird kind of hybrid guitar/synth… leave it as a sound unto itself!

Very creative stuff!

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Hi @steban ,
This superb composition is very original.
I am impressed with your musical vision, having bells, and the electric guitar, plus your vocals, all kinda doing its thing, and yet your lovely combination of all three works really well.
On this recording, no chorus or bridge needed, as-is is perfect, very well done.
You are an artist, and this creation is simply lovely!!!
With much respect,

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This captured my attention as I had no idea what was coming next. It’s borderline chaos yet it keeps itself well put together. I dig it, it is well put together.

Such a unique (in a very cool way) sound. I agree with Aaron.aardvark on the whole Jim Morrison bluesy/Pink Floyd psychedelic vibes. Well done :clap:t2: