When is a Rip Off a Tribute?

I was writing a background for a collab and was thinking about this.

I guess if you change it enough or it’s so blatantly a rip off that it’s an homage.

Yea, that’s the ticket.

Here’s what I was doing:

It’s neither a rip off nor an homage, it’s a bunch of chord sequences.

What is this supposed to be ripping off?


Why does everybody’s bass sound better than mine?


I don’t think I know this song…

Sorry, my fault. There’s 3 sections, just the way it was made.

It’s a minute long but the stones section starts at 40 seconds in.

Plug your bass directly into audio interface and its preamos will do the job

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I rarely hear songs on the radio but I did the other day.

This song was a straight up rip off of the melody line and chord structure of an old tune.

New words and phrasings but the general tune from the old song.

I guess you can do that if the song is old enough and is public domain.

The first rip-off song I think when I read your post, is that Kid Rock song taken from Sweet Home Alabama. Kid Rock sucks!