When I Saw You Then

I wrote and recorded this this afternoon instead of doing real work!

It is 4 chords- Am Gm Am F G Am

I started with orchestra sounds and finally added some acoustic guitar and drums.

Frankly, structurally, it is similar to Curious Urges except more stripped down. Nonetheless, I got carried away with 10 verses and no chorus, and I think I enjoy this stage of a song the best when it’s just trying to be its own song. This is what my collaborators get from me usually, little more. But I feel like it has potential. And not autobiographical, just waxing poetic.

When I Saw You Then by Steve Bancroft

When I saw you then I
Knew I had to try again
Just to dream of love and
You and I, my friend, you and I

If you knew the way I
Felt alone inside I
Never knew and never said a
Single word a single time

How I longed for you so
Long I don’t know but
Forever is a very long time
And never punishment for my crime

Memories so sweet we
Danced like teenagers in the street
Knowing everything and nothing
At the same time

We laughed like there’s no tomorrow
Like we eradicated sorrow
From the now thought we
Trapped it in the past and the future somehow

I will not say our time was squandered
Perhaps in secrecy I pondered
If the happy days and nights would last
As they just piled up in the past

We played together everyday
Perhaps I was a nice distraction
Between the duties of school and work
Keeping each other from going berserk

I can’t defend my own inaction
Resulting in no satisfaction
Nothing much that I can say
As I watched you drift away

Fading like a dream forever
In the morning light I never
Knew that it would be the end
When I saw you then

I wonder if I remember you
The way you remember me
The day you parted as my friend
Exiting my life and entering my dreams
When I saw you then
When I saw you then

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Sounds like a theme from The Godfather movies!

I picture in my mind’s eye,
a combination of David Bowie and Frank Sinatra singing this!

I would go with a spaghetti type of sound for this track and keep with that haunting romantic vibe!

Super cool.

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Lovely lyrics.
And I agree with studio, haunting and romantic.
I am actually being drifted into a James Bond movie score.
Well done, Steve!

That’s very kind of you both to say! Maybe it’s a good title for a future Bond movie…