What's your go-to aftermarket site for plugins? eBay? Reverb? Amazon?

Just out of curiosity, if you were after a used set of plugins, a DAW, or a sample library, does anyone know of a site besides eBay or Reverb that could snag them from?

@Cristina… you said you buy a lot of these things used. Where do you get them? Perhaps some of you guys know sites I should be on. I need out of that lease-to-own Plugin Alliance subscription. I’m trying to buy perpetual licenses for everything in the pack, but certainly not at their full price.

Mostly eBay for me, though I think there was one bit of software I got from Reverb. I’ve only bought Native Instruments stuff used. I also got an iZotope bundle license at a great price on eBay even though it wasn’t used. A lot of the stuff you’re looking for will probably go on sale at some point.

Anyway I haven’t used any other sites for that. I think that if you google it you may find more though; I feel like there is some site where you can list used plugins in particular but I don’t remember.

KVR has a HUGE “after market” sales section. The KVR forum is a whole ecosystem in and of itself - I’ve never used sales section, but check there occasionally.

I got Studio One Producer v2 off Ebay a few years ago.

Wow! I didn’t know about that aftermarket section!

Thanks guys!