What's your favorite free stuff on mix?

Hello everyone! Just want to know? Is anyone here like to mix with free plugins? Please kindly share your favourites! Cheers! :beers:

If you’re running a Windows computer, Reaper Plugins rock.


Also from vlag: Nova 67P… very useful Dyn EQ. He also did TDR NOVA for Tokyo Dawn Records and that has become my go-to dynamic EQ

Voxengo SPAN frequency analyser - invaluable!


This has always been one of my favorite little tools that I’ve found for free. It’s nothing fancy, just a little distortion to add to your tracks.


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Definitely, their plugins works great! And I’m a Reaper addict anyway. Haha! :beers:

I have this, yet never use it this far. I’ll check it out! Thanks!

And bittersweet V3? That’s a killer transient shaper, I used that for mix-off contest in the vocal track.


TDR does have killer plugins! :beers:

I love MSED too! :smiley:

Sat knob is good, but I prefer Slick HDR from variety of sound. Thanks anyway! :beers:

If you are not adverse to 32 bit plugs, All of the VOS offerings are top shelf

There are also links to some of the TDR and Vlagsound plugs on the blog

Other great free plugs:
and one of the best clippers… GClip
Download GClip or ALL of the useful gplugs here:
have fun

Thanks. Rich! VOS are awesome! I’m in love with their Slick HDR, it’s a killer saturation tool! :beers:

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I regularly take advantage of plugins that are included with DAW’s. They are generally my first choice unless I have a plugin that is for a very specific task. Among free separately downloaded plugins, I’m a big fan of @bozmillar’s Bark of Dog, SoundToys Little Radiator (when it was free) is another fun one. +1 for SPAN as @Emma mentioned. I didn’t mind some of Blue Cat Audio’s stuff back when I tried it too. Some of it was funky, but I remember there were a couple solid ones in the free bundle. That’s what comes to mind at the moment.

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Mixed with 100 % free plug-ins:

Gloria Eq from 1982 Art did a good job for the lead vocals.


Yes! I’d forgotten that - I use that quite often…


Yes! A thousand times yes!

I’ve been meaning to buy the gentleman’s edition. Not because I need the extra functionality, but because I use Nova so much I feel dirty not having paid anything for it. :blush:

A VOS plug I use a lot;

NastyDLA. Love the modulation and saturation.

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Yep, love the Reaper plugs, VOS, TDR & GVST.

I think Ambience is a very decent reverb too. The LePou ampsims are good.

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It’s the best reverb I have for bright and splashy sounds - usually I’ve got Valhalla room and plate doing most of the work in the mix, but if I want that classic bright digital reverb sound for stuff like tambourine, synth pads, shakers etc, Ambience is my go-too plug.

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CamelPhat Free and JB Ferox have to up there in the list of my all time fave plugins. The MDA Leslie is also another one that I really like.


Yes! That’s the one I was trying to think of earlier.

Looks cool, but I’m limited to AAX plugs :rolling_eyes: