What Temperature Do You Keep Your Studio?

I was pondering @ColdRoomStudio and his name. Is your studio cold? Are their any logistical reasons for keeping it cold? Keep the equipment from overheating? Is it because it’s really hot in the Land of Oz?

No, not at the moment - I have the a/c set to 23 degrees Celsius (73.4 degrees F for you).

Well yes, it is pretty hot here, (it is about 33 degrees C outside) but that is not the reason for my studio name.

Originally I built a practice room/studio for my band inside a shed using old Cold Room material. Good for keeping noise from leaking out or coming in, but terrible for acoustics. I never ended up mixing in there, but I recorded and practised there all the time - hence the name.

I don’t live there anymore, but I kept the name.

That’s a brilliant way to lead into an interesting question. Never even crossed my mind…but studio names often do have interesting stories!

Mine is at 68 degrees. In the summer I have my studio geofence to ride between 69 and 73 degrees, if my cell phone travel beyond a 50 mile radius of Florence. I also allow it to raise to 71 at 11:00 pm, then it automatically begins dropping the building back to 69 degrees at 7 am in the morning. BTW…Mine also reconciles the outside and inside temperature. So if it heats up to 72 degrees on the inside, but google says that its 64 degrees on the outside, the AC knows to run only the fan to blow the cold air in without running the cooler until the inside drops to its target 69 degrees.

I’ve never heard anyone talk about it. Seems like it would be better to keep it warm so the performers are loose, and not shivering to the mic stand. Though the shivering might add vibrato. I always keep it at 69 in the winter. You know why.

My latest thought is does anyone use a dehumidifier in their studio??
Maybe it’s just relevant for those of us becoming increasingly affected by climate change?
Our summers seem to be becoming increasingly tropical… I don’t have air con, just a twirly whirling fan.

My “studio” is in my unfinished basement. So I use a dehumidifier in the summer and just freeze my butt in the winter. Here’s a recent pic of the current temperature. The electronics love it…

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I do use a dehumidifier, which is pretty much compulsory when you live here in Singapore. Temperature is 25° to 35° celsius all year long and humidity goes from 75% to 100% depending on the rain. I learnt this the hard way when I lost a Martin guitar after leaving home 3 weeks during the monsoon.

Now the A/C is always on, temperature is around 25°C inside and humidity is kept between 50-55%. I have to empty the dehumidifier tank (2 liters) every morning and every evening.

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Its easy to change if anyone wants me to. Thats just my target temp. They’ll let me know if they’re uncomfortable :smiley:

Turn the temperature up so the lovely ladies feel comfortable wearing less… (Kidding)
And down much more for those folks that would otherwise sweat all over and rust the equipment.
Isn’t there a famous bassist that always wears gloves or else he’d rust his strings? Etienne…

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:grin: Notice the heater under the table? I wear a “beanie” when I mix and not because I’m trying to be a hipster…